WhatsApp is an unknown but very useful trick to create a chat and send messages, photos or other things to yourself

WhatsApp never stops fascinating and releases tricks almost periodically to improve the user experience.

After all, it is the most used application in the world and in order not to lose users, developers have to be very creative and improve the interaction between users and applications.

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The last article on this topic provides us with two WhatsApp tricks that are not very well known but once discovered they will become irreplaceable.

WhatsApp: Here is the trick to create a chat and send messages, photos or anything else to yourself

The more you use WhatsApp, the more tricks we want to use to improve the app. The ability to correct a post after it has been submitted is one of the changes that users have been waiting for the longest.

In the meantime, we’ve finished with the new chatting and emoji features that are driving users crazy.

In today’s article, we will explain how to create a chat that we can use to save documents, photos, voice notes, various notes, and links.

But there are many other reasons to create a conversation with ourselves. A way to save what we want without leaving WhatsApp.

The way to do this is simple but you also need to use a computer and your mobile phone number.

The first thing to do is open the search engine you usually use and type the following message into the address bar: https://wa.me/XXXX.

Replace Xs with your phone number including the country code (eg 39 represents Italy).

After pressing Enter at this point, a page should appear with a message saying “Follow and go to chat”. If a window with a gray background also appears: Click “Open WhatsApp”.

If all goes as planned, you should open WhatsApp and chat with your photo and number. You can use it instantly to send messages, videos and photos to yourself.

Moreover, chatting using the WhatsApp mobile application can also be used because, until it is canceled, it is saved in the most used chats.

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