WhatsApp trick so you don’t lose your videos and photos

If you think that all the photos and videos you keep on WhatsApp are safe, you are very wrong, of course. The amount of content we share with our friends is really huge and is often linked to real moments that we regret missing out on.

However, all of these photos and videos in our conversations are lost and can be subject to cancellation, whether it’s our fault or other contacts sleight of hand, so it’s best to take cover immediately from such an adventure.

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The trick to protecting your content does not involve additional apps but only use specific options that are already part of the app.

Log in to WhatsApp and click on the three dots on the top right, then go to “Space and data” and then to “Automatic media download”. At this point, you can choose from several options and set the media download automatically as per your preference when using mobile network, Wi-Fi and roaming. You can also select whether or not to download audio, video, and document files.

Once you activate this option, you can automatically download a photo or video when they come to your chat and save it safely in your phone gallery.

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