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The new target he setAntitrust related to a proposal ATM: a spa owned by 120 Italian banking groups that issue cards with which we collect ATMs. The group aims to create a profile New commission system Able to expand ATMs to withdraw funds, all with greater transparency on costs.

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The Antitrust Authority will have time until October 31 To decide what to do in October 2020. According to Newspaper The proposal states bothCommittee abolition Interbank is the possibility for those who provide a withdrawal service to independently decide the final cost. It will be the maximum group 1.50 EUR. However, all other withdrawals will remain free.

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The goal is to make a service financially sustainable that today suffers a loss for the bank that provides it, as the estimated cost of an ATM is 1 euro per withdrawal but the reward is only 0.49 euros from interbank commission. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an ATM to withdraw. Transparency is the basis of this new commission review: “The form states that before proceeding with the withdrawal, the exact amount is shown to the customer A committee Applicable, with the option to cancel the transaction. In addition, Bancomat will provide a free application that will display everyone’s location ATM With reference to the commission applied by each” Bankumat’s CEO said, Alessandro Zulu. “The new commission model plans to expand the possibility of withdrawing cash from points of sale to those types of companies that raise a lot of cash,” Zulu concluded.

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