Why isn’t Temptation Island airing this summer? Bersilvio Berlusconi’s answer

On the occasion of the presentation of the Mediaset 2022/2023 schedules, Fanpage.it asked Bersilvio Berlusconi to explain the reasons for the absence of Temptation Island in summer programming: “We want to try more, but it is not excluded that we can return to broadcast it.”

On the occasion of the offer Mediaset schedules 2022/2023Fanpage.it asked Bersilvio Berlusconi to explain the file Reasons for the absence of the island experience In the summer programming of 2022. In fact, there was talk of a node created by a Rights issue with Banijayholder of international coordination, due to the alleged failure to reach agreements with Fascino di Maria De Filippi.

Persilvio Berlusconi’s reply to Fanpage.it

This version was reported as early as last year when there was Reducing the double designation Nip and Vip Only Nip, with the common and temperate people of Filippo Bisciglia’s fires, did not find an effective response until this year. Persilvio Berlusconi has in fact explained that the absence of Temptation Island in the upcoming summer programs is only derived from a desire to try more but has not closed off the possibility. Coordination can find a place In the future:

Without knots, we want to try more and take the time to do so. The temptation remains in the interest of the company and it is not excluded that it may appear again in our schedules in the future. Among other things, if anything, we’re talking about a broadcast period after next spring, so its absence in our 2023 schedules is not indicative, given that it stops more or less on June programming. In short, all that can really be seen.

Orchestra conductor Filippo Bisiglia commented

Host Filippo Pesquiglia commented in a long outburst on his Instagram profile after being pressured by fans: “It pains me not to re-seduce, we were family.” On the other hand, Alicia Marcuse explained this way last year why she didn’t do the VIP version: “What I do know is that at the moment there is only one release with Filippo Bisciglia. I’ve never been someone who sticks to software to death, but I admit that Temptation Island belongs to me very much because I can do what I love, which is listen to the stories and deal with them.” Now time is up for her and Mediaset, the presenter has made different choices and has moved to Rai2 tables on top PomerismaA new program on the confrontation between generations.

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