A fan buys $40,000 in company stock to get a new F-Zero – Nerd4.life

Longtime fan of nintendo I buy Shares worth $40,000 From the company (more precisely 5.6 million yen), only to have the right to speak at a shareholder meeting and request a new announcement F-zero.

The fan addressed the question directly to President Shuntaro Furukawa. In fact, it was vague and I asked him if he was considering the possibility of releasing some franchises that fans so much, specifically F-Zero, frozen since 2004.

The person in question could have won Fan of the Year if PlayStation players had not started sending pictures of their penis to the developers at Sony Santa Monica as a bargaining chip for God of Release. War: Ragnarok.

Anyway, a Nintendo fan, who wanted to remain anonymous but has Twitter profile“I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was a kid, and I’ve never had enough of F-Zero’s sense of speed,” he told Insider.

VGC translated Fukurawa’s response to a fan’s question: “Realistically, it’s very difficult to develop and remake new games, including the sequel, for all the Nintendo franchises that fans have requested, but we are grateful and appreciate our fans’ expectations for our games.

Shinya Takahashi, one of the company’s top executives, was more upbeat about this: “We are constantly evaluating how to develop new titles and remakes that will appeal to many players.

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