A hoard of Roman gold coins was found near Norwich. Experts: ‘Exceptional discovery’

Experts described it as an “exceptional” discovery. Because it definitely doesn’t happen every day to find some roman gold coins Which may go back to the decades before the invasion of Britain. Eleven of them were found scattered around Norwich. In this area between the last years of the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD, there was a Celtic tribe of Iceni. Numismatics Adrian Marsden told the BBC the find was “really extraordinary” and that more coins may be revealed.

investigation Norfolk Coroner Court In the last two discoveries he considered a treasure. Yes, because in 2017, there was another device: the first of them was found with a metal detector, always in the same area. Marsden, of the Norfolk Historical Environment Service, said, “For the last two or three years, everyone said there wouldn’t be more, and I said they were going to find them. And it was.”

The coins must have been from the region of Lugdunum, present-day Lyon, in France, and dated to a generation prior to the Roman conquest of AD 43. Marsden believes they were made by Essini artisans to check quality. “It is high purity gold, while the Iron Age gold coins in circulation at the time were rather low: they knew how to recognize good Roman gold when they saw it.”

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