Arrested ex-KGB agent who favored Yavoriv’s coup-

The guy is 70 years old, born in Lviv. According to the indictment, he would have given indications of the presence of foreign volunteers: at least 61 died in the operation. Kyiv also announced the arrest of a deputy and four spies residing in the capital

Spies never stop, and they are unlikely to retire. Some withdraw, but mentally retain certain habits. Others are ready to get back in the game. It depends on the situation, on the call, on the emergency. Maybe this is a story Ex-agent arrested by Ukrainians accused of complicity in violent attack. Seventy years in the Russian KGB, a man who was born and still resides in the Lviv region, in the western part of the country. Based on the investigation He could have played an important role On the bombing of the coordination center in Yavoriv on March 13: on that day the rain of missiles destroyed the barracks in which soldiers and volunteers from abroad lived, a few kilometers from the Polish border.

It was a severe blow and heavy losses: at first the authorities spoke of about thirty victims, then The number increased to 61. For Moscow, on the other hand, 180 people could have died, among whom were very foreign: Dutch, Germans and Americans who joined the hastily formed international legion after the invasion. elements Hosted at this base, which was immediately identified by Moscow informants Who shot long-range weapons without wasting time.

Sbu’s counterintelligence investigation claims that Mole – a veteran who has remained associated with the parent company – Not only did you provide information about the existence of targets, but also make the shot more accurate. The task was carried out with the help of a partner who passed information to him using a hidden chat on Telegram. Way more convenient than the old systemswhen using a simple handwritten piece of paper, or a photograph, the microfilm is quickly switched during a fleeting meeting without speaking.

Services have many systems, Men and women are trained in techniques that should arouse little doubt In case of stalking. The 007 can simply communicate what he has discovered or provide his connection to the tips by leaving them at a predetermined point or even handing them over with a quick, sometimes imperceptible motion on a subway platform, inside a bar, seated on a park bench. The heirs of the KGB, as many surveys have shown, combine tradition and modernitya dual approach where they resort to always effective shortwave radios – to take orders – e They often focus on long-term infiltration. From this point of view, the Ukrainian theater is favorable because Russia invested money, allocated resources, and relied on sympathy.

Always announce the security services Indictment of Representative Andrej Derkach, was recruited in 2016 and authorized by Russia’s Crane to open front companies across the country, a network aimed at facilitating the possible takeover of the entire territory. To this end, he received large sums from Moscow clients. Maybe it was part of One of the projects approved by the Kremlin in the months before the invasion, the plans went wrong because the network was unable to recruit the right people or those options failed. We talked about it Mistakes, from money given to wrong friends, from arrogance.

At the same time in Kyiv they were on guard, they were aware of the dangers and in fact they had Entrust a special unit with the task of finding the fifth column: Official sources talk about hundreds of collaborators who ended up with handcuffs. Among these there will also be Four Gru agents residing in the Ukrainian capitalfrom where they monitored the positions of the armed forces, collected military data, set geo-strategic goals, and tried to persuade the local population to change their positions and support Russia: The group is activated at the beginning of the conflict It was coordinated by Valentin Telem, representative of the services of the self-proclaimed Lugansk Republic. The security services announced their arrest on 1 July.

We are always in Foggy Hybrid Zone, where everyone provides a copy. It takes time to reconstruct the events of many events, and it is not even said that what will emerge is the truth. Lies (for all) are part of the arsenal.

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