Bonus TV, great news for Italians: it’s already happening

Bonus TV, great news for Italians: it’s already happening. From July 1, it will be an all-out revolution all over Italy, better prepare

Some started three months ago, others discovered it recently or just in the last few days. But for all Italians, it has changed and something has changed in daily habits because it is time in Italy again turn off So too TV bonus.

Bonus tv (ANSA)

In light of the new revolution of Italian television, in order to adapt all televisions to new technologiesFor months, the government decided to bear the expenses of the Italians. The 2022 TV Bonus It worked out well, but the good news, especially for those who haven’t decided yet and will have to do so, is just one. There is still plenty of money to fish from.

This is evident in the latest weekly report issued by the Ministry of Economic Development regarding the funds still available. So far, 1,284,285 applications have been submitted for the TV or reward untietotaling 50,304,900 euros, but also 2,832,086 for TV Cancellation Bonus, for a total of 207,535. So at the moment, there are still 62 million euros from which to withdraw.

Bonus TV, great news for Italians: how it works and who’s eligible

Two tax incentives were put in place to allow all Italians who were forced to change their television or install a decoder to be able to watch digital terrestrial programming. The first is TV bonus, which one 30 euros discount For the benefit of families with ISEE less than 20 thousand euros to buy the latest generation of TV or set-top box.

The second is the bonus of canceling the TV, Incentive equal to 20% of the price Buy a new TV for a maximum of 100 euros. There is no ISEE limit here, but it will only be recognized once per household, as long as an old TV is cancelled.

How Bonus TV (ANSA) Works

TV bonus may be requested and TV cancelled By December 31, 2022 Or in any case until the end of the available funds, which are still a long way off, there are only three requirements that must be met in order to get it: residency in Italy, correct scrapping of the TV purchased before December 22, 2018 and payment of the Rai license fee in order.

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