Covid, Rt increase and incidence. Staffing rates in intensive care and regular wards are on the rise

The massive infection of Omicron 5 still indicates an increase in everyoneTransmissibility index and incidence of Covid cases: From June 7 to 20, the average Rt was calculated on symptomatic cases It was equal to 1.30 (range 1.06-1.56), an increase from 1.07 the previous week and above the epidemic threshold. So there has been a jump in weekly occurrences nationally: 763 per 100,000 inhabitants For the period June 24-30 against the previous figure of 504 per 100 thousand (June 17-23). The ISS-Ministry of Health’s weekly monitoring of progress in the Covid-19 epidemic also indicates a Hospitalizations increase for Covid-19 the two in intensive care Both in normal circuits.

Intensive care unit employment rate rises to 2.6% (The Ministry of Health daily survey until June 30) compared to 2.2%. The employment rate in medical fields nationwide increased to 10.3% (daily survey by the Ministry of Health until June 30) compared to 7.9%. However, the data is below the alert limit. There is no autonomous region and county classified as low risk as of this week. Thirteen protected areas/areas are at moderate risk, while areas/protected areas classified as high risk decrease from 9 to 8 due to the presence of multiple resilience alerts; Three of these are very likely to progress. Twenty protected areas/areas reported at least one resilience alert; 8 protected areas/areas reporting multiple alerts regarding resilience.

The incidence of Covid cases is more than 700 per 100,000 inhabitants in 13 regions (8 last week), with the highest values ​​(over 900) in Lazio, Sardinia and Veneto: Abruzzo (870.4), Campania (872.1), ER (772.9), FVG (762.4), Lazio (929.6), Marche (744.1), Molise (727.4), Apulia (788.4), Sardinia (922.7), Sicily (772.6), Tuscany (716.3), Umbria (898.7), Veneto (927.3). With regard to the occupation of the provinces, there are 4 regions above the 15% threshold: Calabria, Sicily, Umbria and Val d’Aosta. The national figure is 10.3%. It emerges from the fact sheet on decision-making indicators attached to the weekly monitoring seen by Ansa.

Compared to the occupation of ordinary hospital wards, the highest value isUmbria (25.7%), followed by Sicily (22%), Calabria (18.7%) e Daosta Valley (15.3%). As for the other regions, it amounted to between 5% of Piedmont (lowest number) and 14.9% of Basilicata. Regarding bed occupancy in intensive care – all well below the alert threshold of 10% – values ​​range from 4.9% of Sardinia at 0% of Trento And the Daosta Valley. The national percentage is 2.6%.

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