Covid vaccine for children? Now a study reveals: ‘Doubts about usefulness’

Antonio Cassoni He’s one of those scholars worth listening to sometimes. Member of theAmerican Academy of Microbiologyhe certainly has the right to talk about viruses, vaccines, and Corona virus disease. A year ago, just among many, he expressed all his doubts about the “real efficacy” of Pfizer BionTech’s coronavirus vaccine on children aged 5 to 11, criticizing the clinical trial (the FDA’s opinion was not unanimous or convinced) which was conducted shortly afterwards. Two thousand children thus with little data from which to derive a “reliable estimate of the safety and efficacy” of the product.

today RepublicCasson is back on topic. He noted that doubts about the “real efficacy” of the children’s vaccine have not diminished even in the face of the millions of American and European children who have been given the vaccine. The efficacy was further reduced with the advent of the Omicron variant, which has a significant ability to ‘avoid virus neutralization by antibodies’.

Now, however, to support the professor’s suspicions, there is also a study published in June 2022 by researchers from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and published on scalpel. “The results of this extensive and well-conducted research, the only one outside the United States to date, shows that Those suspicions were justified“.

The researchers analyzed all children who received two doses of the vaccine from January 17 onwards. What came out of it? That out of 3 million children there were 770,000 cases of infection, 664 of them were forced to seek refuge in hospitals. The results show, Casson explains, that the protection conferred by the vaccine against asymptomatic or asymptomatic infection but in any case without hospitalization is 29.4% and that against serious illness (hospitalization or without intensive care or death) 41.1%. Much lower than the efficacy calculated in the Pfizer Phase 3 trial, above 90%, but with a very wide range of reliability (67-99%). Of particular interest is that these protective levels are lower than those given by the same vaccine to adolescents and adults, and on average much higher than 50% for infection and much higher for disease.”

Is this omicron’s fault? Possible. According to Casson, the effectiveness of the vaccine against infection in children is actually understood to be very low: the same has happened to adults with the arrival of the new variant with its subvariants. “However, it is still somewhat unexpected – adds the researcher – Low protection from diseaseSignificantly, the rapid decline in the efficacy of the vaccine.

There is also another factor to take into consideration. Covid, in children, in most cases – a vaccine or not – does not lead to serious relapses. “In the ISS publication, in an observation period of less than three months – explains Cassoni – of the approximately one million and eight hundred thousand unvaccinated children, several hundred were hospitalized, fifteen of whom needed intensive care and two died, one of whom is suffering from From a serious underlying disease, it is a relief that none of the vaccinated children, despite being hospitalized, required intensive care or died. However, this is a very small risk of serious illness (about 2 in a hundred thousand intensive care and less than 1 in a hundred thousand deaths) which cannot fail to raise a great deal of uncertainty and doubts about the real need to vaccinate children of this age against Covid.”

for charity. The scientist is neither a practitioner of fax nor an anti-vaccine for children. Nor are we. If injecting the product into the little ones really works to prevent the spread of the virus or save innocent lives, so be it. The important thing is to use a vaccine that is “really effective against infection”, and “certainly not the vaccine we have now against the virus that we have now”. “From a public health perspective, the risks and costs of vaccination – adds the researcher – it is necessary to bear in mind that children aged 5-11 become infected very easily, and infection occurs in the vast majority without or with few symptoms but equally that it generates a strong immune response. And durable, much more so than adults, which naturally protects against Covid.”

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