De Amicis, restyling belated: reopening postponed due to gym

Ancona – Pupils of De Amicis Primary School will return to the traditional building in Corso Amendola only after the Christmas holidays of 2022. All this in the face of delays in the roadmap for planned remodeling work which, as per schedule, was supposed to be completed in September. Instead, due to some changes related to the gym, the deadline has been extended by a few months.

The works proved necessary, representatives of the municipal administration emphasized, and nearly 2.6 million were invested for this. Everyone hopes that December is really the deadline and that there will be no further delays. As things were, eighteen chapters were transferred elsewhere. In particular, eleven departments were accommodated in Ferrucci, five in Leopardi and three more in the complex of Via Redipuglia. These days, in agreement with the parents, solutions will be studied for the start of the next school year set in September.

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