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it’s time. Almost a month after the global launch, we’re now feeling ready to take on the last enemy: Diablo Immortal review.

Without a doubt, Diablo Immortal is the most controversial mobile game of all time. Come to think of it, it’s been since it was announced, because “Is it off season for April Fools?” During BlizzCon, from the awkward smiles of the development team who knew the challenge they faced: not only succeeding in the undoubted mission of effectively translating the series’ experience to mobile Blizzard, but also and above all to defeat prejudices. Or at least try.

Since the announcement, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, several trial phases have taken place and development has continued its course with the necessary time, without ever stepping out of hand due to the risks. What happens if you entrust the design of an RPG to a team of experts of this type, full of talent and resources? It happens that an unusual RPG appears, The best we’ve ever seen on iOS and Android.

Diablo Immortal, Crusader class

However, until today, the quality of the game, its characteristics, numerous contents and an exceptional technical sector are not discussed. No, obviously we’re talking about the craziest and most extreme microtransactions that can be used; Even when it’s not binding for experience purposes, even when the monetization system is identical to that of hundreds and hundreds of other free games that hide the same obnoxious risks to those who tend to spend without thinking much.

So make yourself comfortable, because there are many things to say and it will take some time: you are welcome Immortal Diablo review.

The birth of free free mobile games

Diablo Immortal, using a special ability

Diablo Immortal, using a special ability

Anyone who knows a little about the history of the App Store knows that the strength of Apple’s digital platform was also and above all in the accessibility of many of its applications, many of which were offered at a price not exceeding 79 cents.

Of course, games complied with this policy, but at that time it was a mobile game: from Angry Birds to Jetpack Joyride, and from Temple Run to Candy Crush. A stock capable of crunching huge numbers for a relatively modest investment.

However, it was soon realized that owners of phones with a cost of a thousand euros had big problems spending 79 cents on an application, and therefore the market moved to free production, or rather. freemium: Games are free to download but have adopted some more or less binding monetization systems.

In some cases the approach was from demowareso one or two full levels with the possibility to buy the rest with a few euros, but in most cases it was better to leave the illusion of free without prejudice to resort to the traditional microtransactionswith or without a malicious loot box mechanism.

our scale

Immortal Diablo, a fighting leader during the campaign

Immortal Diablo, a fighting leader during the campaign

Freemium’s debut wasn’t immediately huge, and so the first free games were greeted with a mixture of awe and awe, regardless of their actual quality at times. Perhaps someone will remember our reviews under the “Free Game of the Week”, when the mobile market was not yet monopolized by the free-to-play format and it was already possible to notice the developers trying various solutions to understand how to get some blood (money) from the turnip (a thousand euros from the owners of smart phones).

Over the years, of course, the situation has changed: finding premium games on the App Store and Google Play, and therefore without micro-transactions and selling them at full price, has become almost impossible and at the same time integrated. monetization systems With in-depth studies and dedicated staff behind it.

Diablo Immortal, one of the many battles in the game

Diablo Immortal, one of the many battles in the game

Obviously, this does not mean that all development teams take the same approach and that is precisely why, on the other hand, in Multiplayer. Scale, also in this case related to the reality of the reference platforms and the average quality of the games available. By the way, this is why the same game reviewed in the mobile version usually gets a few more votes than the PC or console version.

How dangerous are the free play mechanics? it’s possible Play without spending anything Or is there an obligation already imposed? And does this obligation happen immediately or after a few hours of gaming? The answers to these questions affect numerical evaluation in the same way that they affect more traditional ones.

Microtransactions in the Immortal Diablo

Immortal Diablo, the mechanics of recycling things

Immortal Diablo, the mechanics of recycling things

In Diablo Immortal there are three types of Currency: Gold obtained by completing missions and defeating enemies. platinum, which can be purchased with the use of eternal orbs or by selling some items; And finally the above-mentioned Eternal Globes, which can only be obtained by purchasing packages from 99 cents to 99.99 euros. Two types of Battle Pass have been added to this system and the so-called Gift of Plenty, all systems that multiply rewards by accelerating progression.

The Prize money, which as you know in some countries is equivalent to gambling by law and has led to the mobile game Blizzard not being distributed, in fact it cannot be purchased directly, but only earned as a reward, for example during shipments. However, the probability of finding rare and valuable things inside it can be increased with the help of emblems, the latter can be purchased and only through Eternal Orbs.

A look at the in-game store Diablo Immortal

A look at the in-game store Diablo Immortal

The most controversial aspect of Diablo Immortal’s monetization system lies precisely in the chest mechanism, as it is the only way in which to obtain Legendary Gems: Gems that, if applied to equipment, multiply their qualities, greatly enhance them, and bring life back to a clear sign Pay to win Which is especially evident in the last stage of the game, which includes different player versus player modes.

But let’s go back to the speech he gave earlierInvasion of free play mechanics, because from this point of view, the animated incarnation of Diablo stands more like a unique case than a rare one. In fact, if it is true that the game allows you to reach the aforementioned endgame stage even without spending anything, even netting some inevitable moments of experience accumulation to level up, at the same time the system we have explained so far puts a real and precise lock on one of the elements that is Traditionally part of the series experience: the wildest set of gear.

Multiplayer mode

Diablo Immortal uses an unprecedented MMO structure that includes co-op content, instantly accessible and fairly simple to manage, but also competitive modes that require a character of this level to be able to become part of clans and brigades. the first, battlefield, consisting of a team-based player versus player, in which two teams of eight players clash with the goal of destroying the old heart of the opponents. Second, old squareIt is a battle royale with rich rewards to grab the winner only. Once we reach the end-game stage, we will also be able to compare ourselves to the methods in conflict cycleWhere the Shadow and Immortal Factions battle for dominance.

Oh yeah: what does the game look like?

Diablo Immortal, the interface shows where to go when needed

Diablo Immortal, the interface shows where to go when needed

It is worth repeating: the immortal Diablo is Best RPG available on iOS and AndroidThere is little to discuss. True, there are products equipped with a combat system that is more consistent in terms of impact effect, which may also deploy advanced defense mechanisms in order to enhance the player’s actual skills rather than balancing any level difference compared to opponents, thus reducing evasive maneuvers. to simple positioning, but Snowstorm’s overall production outperforms any other.

As already mentioned, it was not difficult to predict a similar result: we are talking about an experienced and well-supported development team, as well as a brand that is very unified in its dynamics and structure, rejected in this case in the form of MMO Which, however, creates more opportunities than flaws, and the latter has been reduced to a plain and simple view of sequences where we will find ourselves surrounded by other users fighting nothing, at least in our eyes, and who will sometimes end up with “dirty narration” moments of relief. .

Diablo Immortal, another great match

Diablo Immortal, another great match

different ones Layers Available, each with its own skills and characteristics, the huge amount of objects that can be conquered and then recycled or sold to trigger the mechanics related to crafting the game, the long campaign with its many cooperative effects, and a narrative segment entirely in English which, if desired, returns some sentiment, a Almost perfect touch control system (But you can also play with a Bluetooth controller, if you want) and the irreparable art direction are just some of the strengths of this production.

serve until thirty hours To complete the story of Diablo Immortal, and at that point, as mentioned, several potentially exciting modes were unlocked, with many competitive aspects but also with a greater occurrence of the pay-to-win aspects we mentioned earlier.

There are many free mobile games that you never play for long without spending anything, and some of them even really interfere in the first chapters by changing the balance of difficulty to encourage you to buy potions or upgrades. Blizzard has chosen a different, but no less controversial path: the important thing is to be well aware of it.


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Diablo Immortal is an excellent title, which raises the bar for mobile RPGs that’s hard to beat: that’s a fact. At the same time, this is a free system disrupted by a potentially aggressive monetization system, which, on the one hand, does not impose certain obstacles in connection with the progress of the campaign (even a network of some moments when it is necessary to gain experience by force), on the other hand, it It clearly limits the loot-related aspects that have always been an integral part of the experience that the Blizzard series has to offer. A very nice game but with a diabolical spirit: we really didn’t expect anything different.


  • Diablo mobile experience
  • Powerful gameplay and lots of content
  • Almost perfect touch control system
  • Excellent technical and technical sector


  • Controversial free-to-play mechanics
  • The inevitable pay-to-win drift in the end-game stage
  • Some flaws related to the MMORPG structure
  • Little doubts about orders

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