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electronic arts miserable posted tweet Where he basically threw in search of people who only like Single player gamesunleash the Interactions From users and professionals, including Vince Zambia’s palm.

After the publisher noticed the error, he apologized. The original news follows.

Electronic arts, unhappy tweet

“They’re beautiful but they only like to play with single-player titles,” reads the publisher’s message, whose cues may be inspired by the vigorous discussion of the past few hours about God of War’s release date: but Ragnarok has had a controversial impact to say the least.

In fact, users did not miss the word game (“they are ten”) to indicate that the most recent games with a certain level of average rating produced by Electronic Arts were just for single players, such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Furthermore, the closing wound of Visceral Games remains open, which at the time sparked a vigorous debate about the importance or lack of single-player experiences, into which Cory Barlog is also involved.

In short, EA’s tweet looks like a gaffe really and yields no results other than drawing criticism and ridicule towards the company, so much so that we imagine it will be canceled at some point.

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