Festivals July 2022 Bologna, where and when to go – what to do

Bologna, June 30, 2022 – No festival It is that traditional event that repeats every year, and that you get used to over time, to the point that it is taken for granted and sometimes undervalued. Rather, it is a fine Italian characteristic, the characteristic of “celebrating” a dish for being so. For this reason, festivals must be strengthened and restored, as they preserve the most precious cultural heritage: the culinary heritage.

Bolognese, in particular, is the land of the first courses made of fresh pastaSkillfully handcrafted. Then summer is the season of a wonderful classic: Festival watermelon (or watermelon) and dal melon. Products that, thanks to the potassium-rich soil of the Lower Bologna region, are especially sugary and of good quality. So these are the July food and wine events around Bologna.

Zola jazz and wine

Already starting in June, appointments with the summer festival Zola Jazz and Wine also continue into July, spread between Zola Predusa And the Monte San Pietro (Three municipalities in the metropolitan city of Bologna). Friday 1 July from 7 Silvio Venturi Rd, A Monte San Pietro, at 5 pm on a walk that will end with a wine tasting from the Montecchio Isolani Winery. Finally, the Swingin’ Cats concert. However, on Saturday 2 July the appointment is always at 5 p.m. in the viale della Pace car park Zola Predusa, from where you will walk to get to Terre Rosse Vallania. There, wine tastings will take place with the music of the Gigi Cifarelli Trio.

On Thursday 7 July the tasting will be at 8 pm at Palazzo Albergati, Via Masina 46 a Zola PredusaWith the concert given by Martirani Gipsy Swing. The review will be closed at the Gaggioli Vini winery and the music of Antonio Cavice Trio. All calendar dates are Free.

Maccherone al pettine festival

The Maccherone Al Pettine Festivaltypical pasta shape Cento Parish Church (Bologna). It is located around macaroni Meticulously handcrafted, rolled onto a stick and passed to the ‘comb’ to get the usual shape, then seasoned with bolognese sauce and vegetables. It will be possible to sample it in Piazza Andrea Costa from 7 pm, Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July. entrance Free With an à la carte menu.

Tortillon Festival in Bevilacqua

Celebrating the feast of San Giacomo a drink water (Bologna), an early classic Bolognese celebrated: the Tortillon. It will be possible to taste it in several ways, but there will also be traditional fried frogs, a choice of main dishes and desserts. The event will run from Friday 1 to Sunday 10 July, and the stands will be across Provanone 97, from 7 p.m. onwards. entrance Free.

The Festival of Flavors Corte Castilla

The great classic of summer festivals is watermelon (or “cucombra”, in the Bologna dialect), which together with melon Saint Matthew X (Village of San Giovanni in Persecito, Bologna) has been dedicating a big party since 1993. All the fruits that will be served are of local production which also have a special sweetness thanks to the increased potassium in the soil. The clay soil of the lower Bologna region is ideal for growing watermelons and watermelons. Stands will be arranged with these typical products and much more via Fossetta 1, Friday 1 and Saturday 2 and again Thursday 7 and Saturday 9 July: entrance is Free. The evenings will be revived by performances.

Noodle Festival

Concerts and food stalls pay tribute to her the pasta, the undisputed star of the Polish pasta varieties. Hand-pulled tagliatella with a dough hook, served in different varieties and seasonings (ragu, ham, lumberjack, onions), in Andrea Costa’s piazza in MinerBio (Bologna). In conjunction with the festival, the 17th Minerbio Ensemble Festival will be held with bands from all over Italy. In addition, various markets will be located in the event area. The event will take place from 1 to 3 July, from 7 to 11 pm Free With an à la carte menu.

I will eat

In Monjhidoro (Bologna) there is a manjero. An “edible” stroll through the city streets and its surroundings. The event will start at 9, for more information call 331 4430004.

Truffle: white in winter, black in summer

Savegno Valsamogya celebrates the award UNESCO For “research and extraction of stones from truffle In Italy: International Knowledge and Practice “with two days of events dedicated toblack gold. Saturday 9 July will begin with an afternoon stroll along Via del Tartufo, in the company of trusted truffle hunters and hounds. Accompanied by a violin concert at sunset and an aperitartufo in the truffle land “le Vigne” in Savigno. The event is free with reservations required.

Sunday, July 10 The city streets will invade traditional markets with products based on black truffles and street food points.


to me crvalcore (Bologna), in the “Casa dei Giovani” at 163 Cavour Street, Cocomeraia returns to brighten summer evenings. From July 2 to August 8, from Thursday to Sunday, the appointment is with the taste of watermelon and sweetened melon from the Samogya plain. local melon (Mantuan melon IGP) recently received European recognition for quality. The stands will be open from 7 pm to 11 pm: Entrance Free With paid drinks.

White picnic in Luiano

An event that deviates slightly from the Italian tradition and is based on the Anglo-Saxon. to me Luiano (Bologna) On July 29, at 7.30 pm there will be an evening in contact with nature: a picnic with local products. Dress code: All white, all dressed in white.

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