From 9 Levlhovich to 100 million I have a yacht. Bremer resists the Zaniolo summit

Turin – The first Juventus players will meet on Monday in Kontasa, and it will be necessary to wait for the whole group until ten o’clock. So let’s give the numbers… with Fabio to support From the Tuttosport editorial staff, here’s how the heavy jerseys are set:We know about 10 in Paul Pogba: The French can be made official next week. Seven passes to church On the ninth, he goes to Doosan Vlahovic Who will have to honor her with many goals. number was morata who returned to Atlético (the negotiations did not die but Alvaro became increasingly distant from his beloved Juventus …)“.Then… 100.”And they are more or more than the millions that Juventus are asking of Chelsea, but City are also resisting them, for Matias. de Legit. And if the Dutchman is to leave, here are the alternatives: Bremer is “the simplest” even if the rival Inter have to be defeated. Neapolitan Coulibaly Stay on top of your preferences and the list will get longerFinally, Juventus in the sign Z… aniol: «We have already talked about the first meeting, and the second is now on the agenda: full speed ahead“.

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The entire Juve market: in the name of Z … aniolo. De Ligt and Pogba, come and go

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