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Mediterranean Games 2022 Medal

Friday July 1 programme, schedules and Italians in the race

11.34: Arch – Men’s Bronze Final begins: Italy – Turkey 28-28

11.25: Swimming – here too there is no official status but Viola Scotto Di Carlo should have qualified for the 50th freestyle final. The chronometric results are missing. However, Lutecka eliminated the other blue with 26 05

11.23: ARCHERY – Soon it will still be a challenge between Italy and Turkey but bronze in the men’s team competition is at stake

11.22: Targeted Shooting – Unofficially the good news comes from Qualifying the Women’s 10m Rifle. Sofia Chicarillo in the final. We are waiting for the officialization of the result

11.21: Shooting – Italy is the silver in the shooting team competition. Turkey tied 54-54 in Group D and won the final 5-3. Many regret the first set that the color blue threw into the wind

11.20: ARCHERY – ITALY 54

11.19: ARCHERY – TURKEY 25

11.18: ARCHERY – ITALY 27

11.17: Swimming – Matteo Revolta qualifies for the 50 butterfly final. He enters blue for the third time (23 89) behind Gkolomeev (23″ 70) and Molla Yanes (23″ 81). Andolfi eliminated by 24 x 26

11.16: ARCHERY – Turkey leads the women’s team gold final by winning the third set 55-53. Blue back to the wall. Turkey-Italy 4-2

11.15: Building – Turkey 55

11.14: ARCHERY – ITALY 26

11.13: Tower – 27 . Turkey

11.10: ARCHERY – The Blues equalize the score: 54-51. Italy – Turkey 2-2

11.09: ARCHERY – ITALY 54

11.08: ARCHERY – TURKEY 25

11.07: ARCHERY – ITALY 27

11.04: ARCHERY – Italy loses a good chance and stops at 49 points. Turkey leads 2-0

11.04: ARCHERY – 50 points for Turkey

11.03: ARCHERY – ITALY 24 pts

11.02: ARCHERY: Turkey 22 points

11.01: Arc – Italy-Turkey Final begins

10.56: ARCHERY – Lucilla Boari, Tatiana Andreoli and Chjiara Rebagliati for Italy against the Turkish squad Anagoz, Basaran and Coskun

10.53: ARCHERY – France is the bronze medalist in the women’s team competition. Greece won 6-2. Now Italy and Turkey for gold

10.50: ARCHERY – France leads 4-2 in the final for the bronze in the women’s shooting team competition

10.40: ARCHERY – At 10.55, the final of the women’s team match between Italy and Turkey is scheduled. Just started the final for the bronze. Greece leads 2-0 after Group A

10.30: Next Azzurri in the Giulia Imperio at 11 in the 49kg class finals for weightlifting and again at 11 will start swimming.

10.22: Target Shooting – Women’s 10m shotgun qualification in progress. In the blue race Sofia Chicarello and Martina Zivani

10.20: Athletics – The Blue Day in Oran started off the best with a great gold medal

10.16: Athletics – Bronze for Turkey’s Erdogan, second place for Blue Lonido

10.15: Athletics – ITALY OROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITALY 1h 10″ 31 BLUE GIOVANNA EPIS who made the difference in the last 500m and second Moroccan Alkali

10.14: Athletics – GIOVANNA Episodes Feature Increase!!!

10.13: Athletics – Now Epis is a few meters ahead as you enter the field but it’s not over yet

10.10: Athletics – GIOVANNA EPIS TESTS! Erdogan’s chapter. Two left at the front

10.07: Athletics – Erdogan and Kaluji lead with Epis when there is less than a kilometer to reach the finish!

10.06: Athletics. Three of them leave and there’s Giavanna Epis in the women’s race

10.04: Athletics – victory lap for Moroccan Outelha, who won the half-marathon with a time of 1’04″ 05, silver for French Choucert, bronze for non-Moroccan Boucointre

10.03: Athletics – Enter Utalha Stadium, arrived the old-fashioned way

10.01: Athletics – Outalha only leads the race, Choquert still keeps a good pace but loses about ten meters when there is less than a kilometer

10.01: Athletics – One hour of competition, five always on top in the women’s rings. The final ascent will be decisive

10.00: Athletics – Outalha tries to power up and Choquert loses something

9.59: Athletics – A crucial stage in the men’s race, France’s Choucert accelerates again, he and Utalha remain ahead

9.57: Athletics – Five athletes up front, Epis there and looking good on the trend

9.56: Swimming – Day 1 Qualifiers start soon: 50 Women’s, 50 Men’s Butterfly, 400 Women Mixed, 200 Men’s Breaststroke, 800 Women’s, 100 Men’s, 200 Women Butterfly, 4 x 200 Men’s competitions men in the program.

9.54 Athletics – Five leads in the women’s race, and Epis is up again after suffering from Morocco’s Qalouji sprint.

9.53: 1st acceleration is also on top in the women’s race, Lonedo comes in, and Epis fights back in the leading five

9.51: Her longest, Schuckert and Bucointree remained on top in the men’s race, when we were at 51 minutes of running.

9.49: Kaluji, Siraki, Ibis, Mukam, Rollin, Erdogan, Lonido in Group A in the women’s race.

9.45: Shukert, Utalha, Atak, Khediri and Boukuntar in front of the men’s race

9.44: Shuckert tries again to get off but the pursuers don’t let him escape

9.42: Moroccan Ouatalha joins the French at the top of the group

9.40: Giovanna Ibis sets the pace in the women’s race when we’re at 40 minutes. Two athletes returned from behind, including the Algerian Banderbal

9.37: Frenchman Choquert continues his lead, five are still ahead in the men’s race

9.34: Five remain in front of the women’s race, and the blue is there!

9.28: After 27 minutes of the race, the Blues take the lead in the leading group that includes four other athletes

9.26: The French’s job is to bomb the group in the men’s race, there are seven in front

9.22: In the men’s race in front of a group of about ten elements led by the French Choquert and Kowal

9.20: Six are left to lead the women’s race, there are Epis and Lonedo

9.18: The Leading Group is also under pressure in the women’s race. The two Italians are there

9.16: A combined set in the men’s race 15 minutes into the race

9.13: Julian’s work is finished and a group of about ten athletes reaches him where there are also Epis Blue and Lonedo

9.08: In the women’s race on the spot a decisive action by Frenchman Julien Moroccan Kalouji in pursuit

9.06: A compact set even if it extends after a kilometer and a half in the men’s race

9.01: The men’s half marathon starts

9.00: These are the players at the start of the Women’s Half Marathon:

Mar Qaluj Hanan
VAT Carnicelli Sarah
ETA EPIS Giovanna
Mar resident Ruqayya
FRA Rollin Millen
Tor Erdogan Mary
Souad Alj Ait Salem
MLT Besina Lisa Marie
ALG Yahya Nawal
Etta Lunido Rebecca

8.57: These are the athletes at the start of the men’s half marathon:

Mar Bouqentur Sufian
Tun Saad Atef
FRA koala yuan
Nabil Al-Hanashi
Between Brigadier General Jeffrey
Mar Otalha Mohsen
Tour Ozdemir Ramadan
MLT Cassar Delon

8.54: Giovanna Ibis and Rebecca Lonido will start the women’s half marathon

8.50: The morning of the competitions begins with the half-marathon with Italy trying to have a say in a race that could benefit African athletes.

8.46: Italy was at the top of the medal rankings won, with 56 (23 silver and 21 bronze) versus the 48 medals conquered by the Turks so far, and the impression is that in this particular ranking it can stretch even further today

8.43: A very rich day is about to begin in Oran. 57 titles have been allocated and Italy aims to reclaim ground in the medal table compared to Turkey, who are racing with 21 golds against 12 for the Azzurri.

8.40: Good morning OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast of the 8th day of the Mediterranean Games 2022

Hello and welcome to the live text stream of the 8th day of the Mediterranean Games 2022. In Oran, Algeria, they will be assigned today 53 other titles After 87 distributed so far: Announced Several medals for Italywith 10 gold medals in athletics, 5 in judo, 5 in shooting, 1 in horse riding, 2 in shooting, 2 in tennis, 7 in swimming, 15 in boxing and 6 in weightlifting.

OA Sport brings you the live text stream of the 8th day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games: Real-time news, minute by minute, race after race, so you don’t really miss a thing. It starts at 09.00 and lasts until around midnight. I listen.

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