God of War Ragnarok ‘huge’, still slated for November 2022, says Jason Schreier – Nerd4.life

In the long-running television series that has the role of the protagonist God of War Ragnarokwhich now relates in particular to announcing the release date, is also being given a leading role by Jason Schreyer, a journalist/insider at Bloomberg who, in these minutes, has allowed himself to go to comments on the ResetEra forum, and support as The game is “huge” and still Scheduled for November 2022 as output.

Jason Schreyer He is considered a very reliable source, even if his considerations clearly fall within rumours. However, having demonstrated strong connections with developers in the past and PlayStation studios in particular, we can believe it.

On the other hand, the source in question has always said that he was pretty sure that God of War Ragnarok would not be delayed beyond 2022, after the first postponement from 2021 to this year. Recently, it started sending signals about a possible release in November 2022.

As reported yesterday, according to various sources, the announcement of the release date for God of War Ragnarok was scheduled for June 30, but this has been “postponed” and the villain does not know why, although it is speculated that he may deal withRepeal the law in favor of abortion In the United States and social unrest resulting from this event. In the meantime, among other things, details about the special editions have emerged.

“The developers who are working on it say the game is too giant And they seem very excited about it. They remind me a bit of the rumors and atmosphere that were prevalent before God of War launched in 2018, Schreier said at Resetera. The hype up to the release date has reached such levels that some fans have sent pictures of the penis to the developers at Sony Santa Monica for the information that has been released. disclosed separately.

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