Goerge Clooney earned, thanks to Julia Roberts, 962 million

There is a woman in life George ClooneyAnd it was not his wife Amal who made him a rich and successful man, but more than rich, a millionaire, whose total profits amounted to $962 million, a figure destined for growth. The partnership has lasted for over 20 years, with all due respect to Mrs. Clooney and now that the couple are reunited, they are on the cusp of breaking a new financial record by re-creating their unique charm.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, a golden couple

The woman who earned good money $962 million George Clooney is the Julia Roberts with whom he filmed four films, the last of which, A Ticket to Heaven, arrives in Italy in October. From the first moment they officially met while working at eleventh ocean In 2001 they sparked the box office, becoming Hollywood’s golden couple. Every project they collaborated on turned into gold. George and Julia managed to make money even without screen sharing, when in 2013 he produced the movie starring Roberts, Osage County Secrets.

In just over 20 years, they managed to bring in a record $962 million at the box office. Off the big screen, Julia Roberts and George Clooney are close friends. In interviews they do not spare mutual praise. In 2016 a People Julia admitted that their friendship was a real friendship, otherwise “it would have been hell”. For his part, Clooney revealed that he hosted him Roberts at her home in Italy While pregnant with twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, who are now 17 years old.

Clooney Roberts: A Jealous Hope?

The real passion that binds them together means the understanding on the red carpet is a thousand and that’s why fans love seeing them together. With all due respect to Amal Clooney who, however, doesn’t seem particularly jealous of her husband’s partnership with a star Pretty woman. In 2016, the two women walked together on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Amal wore a gorgeous cream evening dress, while Julia Roberts wore an equally gorgeous black dress. Between them, George was holding his wife’s hand, but looking slyly at his friend.

On the other hand, Clooney has always said that friendship with Julia extends to their families as well. He seems to get on well with Roberts’ husband, even he loves it. He finds it fascinating to be able to propose new projects with great comfort. “It’s nice to be able to say: Let’s make a movie together.”

Heaven ticketplot

Perhaps this is how their new project, the comedy, was born. Heaven ticket, who is preparing to raise a checking account for George and Julia. The movie is about an ex-couple who goes to great lengths to prevent their daughter, played by Kaitlyn Dever, from making the same mistake they made by marrying too young.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts, how much did their films earn

This is the golden couple earnings list: eleventh ocean450 million dollars Confessions of a Dangerous Mind33 million In the twelfth ocean362 million, Osage County Secrets74 million money monster, 93 million. And now it fails to put the number next to Heaven ticket.

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