Great Britain, the royal house “presses” on its subjects despite the crisis. 100 million of public funds in Buckingham Palace (+17%)

Embarrassment, in the media and in court, of the publication of the annual accounts of the so-called sovereign fund – that is, UK taxpayers’ money backed by provisions for the royal family’s expenses reimbursed has risen to a record level. As British households struggle with a significant drop in purchasing power due to inflation now exceeding 9%, the overhead costs of maintaining the Windsor House have risen above the psychological threshold for the first time.100 million pounds (116 million euros), an increase of 17% over the previous year. the Royal family “Very aware” Of people’s rising costs of living, a building spokesperson got his hands on it during the press conference before the data was released. Not without emphasizing how the special fund will achieve parallelism from the profits of the estates of the Duchy of Cornwall – entrusted to him To Prince of Wales Charles – Its value increased (to reach 1.2 billion pounds, 93 million more than last year): thanks to good governance that should allow members of the royal family to increase the financing of their activities and charities also with independent resources, as well as being in a good position to provide guarantees to the treasury.

Prince Charles ended up at the center of other controversies after the newspaper was revealed times. Carlo received a cash payment of 1 million euros from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. A political discussion of Qatar, the former president of the small Middle Eastern State Council, during a meeting between them. In total, between 2011 and 2015, the heir to the throne of England was awarded 3 million euros. The cash bag has been deposited with Coats Bank, Used by the royal family for centuries, then paid into the Prince of Wales Charitable Trust (PWCF) account, Carlo uses it to select and fund charitable projects. Although there is no evidence of an illicit source of funds, unusual methods of transferring funds can lead to the opening of an official investigation. The charity described the episode as a “serious accident”.

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