Gymnasium named after Nicola Scisciani – Chronicle

“To Nicola, our ‘Sciscio’, a loyal and faithful friend, cheerful companion who made our days at this school unique.” With this dedication, yesterday, in a simple and participatory ceremony, the gymnasium of the Instituto Lucatelli di Tolentino inclusive was named after him: Nicola Scisciani, the 12-year-old from Tolentino who died in a car accident on September 19. Introduced class friends, teachers, parents, Scout leaders, and School Principal Mara Amiko. The friends handed a letter to Mother Luisa, and gave her a bonsai olive tree with a T-shirt signed by everyone. “A gymnasium was chosen for the label, with all the boys,” says the director. In connection with a request from the students, in fact, Amico suggested to the municipal administration that the structure be named after Nicola. “Sciscio”, a good scout, was also involved in sports. The Council passed a resolution expressing a positive opinion on the designation of the first gymnasium at the Lucatelli Institute. Yesterday’s celebration was attended by Mayor Mauro Sclavi.

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