Has Europe been wiped out? – Free daily

There are three, according to the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissingerand the possible outcomes of The war in Ukraine. As explained in an interview with the British Weekly viewerthe first possibility is that Russia “dominates 20% From Ukraine, “this is the most Donbass e ‘a strip of land along black seaHe added that it would be a “victory” for Moscow, while “the role of Boy It will not be as decisive as previously thought.”

The second possible outcome is “try expulsion of Russia From the lands obtained before this war, including Crimea“But in this case a War extension against Russia. The third way out is to return to the “previous state” of the beginning of the invasion. This case predicts the rearmament of Ukraine, “closely associated with NATO if not part of the alliance”, and would represent a “fundamental outcome for the Allies”, after strengthening the entry of Sweden And the Finland.

Kissinger’s logic also sheds some light on what led to the historic turning point strategic conceptFor the first time, the NATO report said, it has placed Russia and China among the enemies of global security. The US president summed up the picture effectively: “Russia is a direct threat, and China is a systematic challenge.” Joe Biden, in fact, the mastermind behind NATO’s tightening of Moscow and Beijing. Emphasis that at the moment seems irreversible, given the very harsh comments from the Kremlin: “We are moving towards one new iron curtain In Europe – expect Sergey Lavrovthe most powerful Russian foreign minister – has already begun. ”

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