Here are the 5 foods to avoid in July

with the term sugar level in blood You know? glucose concentration in the blood. It is necessary for the body because it is an essential nutrient for all cells that take it from the blood. The main source of glucose is food, but it can also be made from proteins and fats within the body. The human body has a core organizing system Allowing you to keep constant sugar level in blood During the day.

Hypoglycemic factors

The regulation of blood sugar occurs by certain hormones: Hypoglycemic factors, which lower blood sugar, and hyperglycemic agents, which instead raise it. The main hormone isInsulinproduced by the pancreas, is necessary for the proper metabolism of sugars.
to DiabeticOne of the primary goals is to maintain blood glucose within a normal range and daily self-monitoring of blood glucose levels is necessary. glucose in the blood.

In healthy individuals with a regular life and a correct diet, the values ​​of sugar level in blood It is maintained between 60 and 130 mg/dL; When fasting, these values ​​can vary from 70 to 110 mg/dL. Glucose values ​​higher than 126 mg/dL are a possible symptom of diabetes.

But what are they? Foods to avoid So that your blood sugar does not increase in this busy month July?
Among the foods from to avoid Certainly in the case of high blood sugar we find:

  • The Sugar;
  • (obviously) i candies Including snacks
  • The sugary drinks like alcohol
  • All the fatty meat Which, although it does not have a high glucose content, is rich in fats that favor weight gain and the appearance of very serious cardiovascular diseases associated with hyperglycemia.
  • All those baked goods made with refined flour Since they are foods with a high glycemic index, they increase blood glucose levels rapidly, which leads to hyperglycemia.
  • Instead, cooking pasta or vegetables should be short, so as not to raise the glycemic index of the foods too much.
  • Whole grains, potatoes, and sugary fruits (such as grapes, figs, dates, bananas, and ripe chestnuts, obviously including any kind of jam.)

Want some helpful tips for a sweet breakfast?
If you’d rather wake up with one sweet breakfast that can pamper us from the morning we can choose different foods to combine them in different ways. Here are some examples of balanced pairs:
1) Low-fat white Greek yogurt with cinnamon, whole oatmeal and green apple.
2) cappuccino with skim milk, a pancake prepared from whole wheat flour with blueberries;
3) A cup of barley or unsweetened coffee with a slice of rye bread with ricotta and berries.

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