High blood sugar, this delicious summer fruit lowers it in 5 minutes: everyone underestimates it

Here we reveal all the secrets of high blood sugar and which summer fruit will be able to reduce it in just 5 minutes.

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Read on to find out more about sugar level in blood And to realize that the summer fruit is able to take it down.

High blood sugar, causes

If the endocrine system fails to regulate the amount glucose that is stored and used for energy, we will see high blood sugar levels. Which can be very harmful to our health.

This is what is known in medicine as Increase diabetes level in the blood: High concentrations of sugar in the blood. Either because the body is unable to produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) or because it does not respond adequately to insulin (type 2 diabetes).

sugar level in blood
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Here are the main causes of high blood sugar:

  • Overeating, especially when it comes to carbohydrates.
  • You have a sedentary lifestyle: do not engage in any kind of physical activity.
  • Side effects of other medications (stimulants, antipsychotics, etc.)
  • stressful situations.
  • Menstrual period: It can cause significant changes in hormone levels.
  • drying
  • Sugar-free products: Although it sounds contradictory, because it contains a lot of carbohydrates, starch and fat.
  • Fever due to massive fluid loss.
  • Abuse of energy drinks.
  • Eating more dried fruit.
  • obesity.

However, let’s find out what fruit you can cut down on.

Here’s the fruit you can cut down on

The summer fruit you can cut is carom Carambola is a tropical fruit, originally from Indonesia, with crunchy pulp, light yellow color and citrusy taste.

High blood sugar
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It has few seeds and is low in calories (it has a lot of water and little fat), which makes it a good food for people who are dieting to lose weight and lose weight. sugar level in blood.

In addition to being beautiful in appearance and a good snack, carambola is rich in fiber, which facilitates Intestinal transit. It also contains trace minerals such as potassium, which strengthens bones and muscles, and, to a lesser extent, phosphorous and calcium, which are essential for healthy bones and teeth.

blood sugar treatments
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This tropical fruit contains vitamin C necessary for iron absorption and an important antioxidant, which reduces the effects of cellular aging. And vitamin A, which is characterized by improving the health of the body leather, hair and sight.

Do you know him? Will you include it in your diet? Let’s know!

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