How many cars can be registered in one account?

Telepass, after obtaining it via an online application, you may find yourself having to change the license plate or add another.

Telepass, simultaneous self-registration – Motori.News

It is located around unexpected events Or problems that arise later due to unforeseen situations. Before, it was possible to add the second panel in Punto Blu, and now this can no longer be done.

But don’t worry because it is true that things have changed, but they have changed positively. If before leaving the house you have to go to the office and ask to change the data, a waste of time, now the second plate order can be started straight from your home. Can Pay by credit card or bank transfer, From anywhere in the world. More comfortable, the novelty has also reached this segment.

Telepass, how to add the second license plate and what to do if there is a third one

It is necessary to know that Telepass cannot be transferred from one device to another, But you need to pay attention to the procedure to be followed. If you pass the toll booth with a different board than usual, you risk getting a lot of salt.

Only two devices can be connected to each device, and this rule applies to both cars and motorcycles. If you want to get Telepass Even in a third car, you can get it, but by signing another contract.

Instead of adding the second panel, you have to connect directly to the site Telepass, By entering your data in the reserved area. For those who have, or can download it, there is the app directly available on the Play Store for both Android phones and iPhones. Each problem takes only a few seconds to solve.

What are the risks if you enter wrong data

The second board can be entered in the Hardware and Boards section. If you change the license plate or add a second one, it is recommended to change everything as soon as possible, to avoid having to Pay heavy fines Or having to queue on the highways.

Finally, when you sign up, you have to be very careful, because sometimes the plates come badly recorded. For example, you can make misspellings that make a difference. What appears to be a trivial error can be the cause of exorbitant fines.

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