Is the ketogenic diet dangerous? The experts are talking. Watch out for…

The ketogenic diet is the most popular right now. But beware, experts flatly reject it. The word no comes from US News and Report which described it as one of the “worst” diets to follow.

But why did the experts say they were against it? Here’s what appeared.

Ketogenic diet, the official “rejection” of experts

I’ve been there for three years Our news and report sets The keto diet is one of the worst diets out there. The results that led to these considerations are clear, experts advise not to do, and put them in one position before Duncan Also not recommended.

there Ketogenic diet Offers a diet plan based on the extreme reduction in carbohydrates, a diet that is not recommended especially in the long term. In fact it can be beneficial for people suffering from diseases such as diabeticBut under medical supervision and only if prescribed.

Ketogenic diet, nutritionists warn: ‘It’s not realistic or sustainable’

Common sense dictates that a healthy person contact a nutritionist if he wants to lose weight, but why was he so successful then? “People focus on the benefits of a quick fix Weight losswithout taking into account the potential long-term risks ”- says CNN in a report published on the occasion of National Keto Day.

also Whitney LinsenmeyerAmbassadorAcademy of Nutrition and Dieteticshe reiterated in the New York Times that the ketogenic diet in the United States has taken hold and seduced millions of people because there is a fear of carbohydrates, one: “One The case of carbophobia.

The ketogenic diet can cause problems in the long term and is not recommended for those with medical conditions Thyroid or gallbladder problems. “In the end, this is neither realistic nor sustainable Nutritional support.

The best thing to do if you intend to lose weight is to always contact a specialist who can guide the patient towards safe weight loss, without taking risks to health.

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