Leonardo wins an order in Poland: 32 military helicopters for 1.75 billion. Airbus sells 300 planes to China

The Polish Ministry of Defense announced the purchase of 32 military helicopters produced by the company Leonardo Finmeccanica. These are AW149 aircraft with a contract value of 8.25 billion zlotys, equivalent to 1.75 billion euros. The first deliveries, according to the announcement from Warsaw, are expected at the beginning of 2023.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, on the occasion of the signing of the contract at Leonardo’s Swindnik factory, adds that the Italian company will supply a copy of the “heavily armed” helicopters with anti-tank missiles. The contract signed with Leonardo, according to AFP, also concerns the supply of logistics and training.

production line in poland

Leonardo confirmed in the anticipation note presented by the Polish Minister of Defense. The contract was won by the Polish subsidiary of the Italian group, PZL-Swidnik, which will act as the main contractor, to build a helicopter production line in Poland with deliveries in 2023-2029. “We are proud to contribute, through modern technologies in the field of defense, to increasing security in Poland,” comments Alessandro Profumo, managing director of the group. According to the Italian senior manager, the signing of the contract “provides further evidence of our commitment to the continued development of helicopter capabilities and the local supply chain, with significant returns for the Polish helicopter industry, which is considered strategic.”

The stock is rising in the stock market

Leonardo reviews €10 on the stock market and extends it to +3% thanks to maximum demand in Poland. The extension bolsters the airline’s already impressive performance on the Ftse Mib: the stock is the best in the first half with an increase of 53% compared to -22% in Piazza Affari since the beginning of the year and +2% in the Stoxx aerospace and defense sub-index.

Big order in China for Airbus

But in today’s session, the aviation sector is buzzing with vitality with Airbus shares rising 3.3% in Paris after signing agreements to sell nearly 300 aircraft to four Chinese companies with a total value of $37 billion. Specifically, according to international agencies, China Eastern Airlines ordered 100 A320neo planes worth $ 12.8 billion, China Southern Airlines announced the purchase of 96 aircraft of the same model for a list valued at $ 12, 25 billion, and AirChina has ordered another 64 aircraft from A320 and Shenzen Airlines belonging to the same group, and 32 other aircraft.

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