Like, if you play it at this hour, you will save a lot of money on your bill

What are the best times to turn on the fan? Let’s get to know together to save a lot of money on your bills.

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If you can figure out the best times to turn on your appliances, including the fan, you’ll be good for the environment and your wallet.

The importance of the fan

In the summer the fan becomes one of our best friends. On the desk, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, the fan is perfect in any room. However, it is a pity that by turning it on, you can spend a lot on electricity. A particular problem at this historical moment when war and resource scarcity mean that electricity is expensive.

To raise our wallet and do good for the environment, you can solve the problem by discovering the best times to turn on your appliances, including the fan.

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In Italy Electricity cost It is organized into custom rate bands. Each operator can choose different solutions, at different prices, based on the use of their customers.

best time period

The main tariff is divided into: one-hour and multi-hour. The first is the rate applicable to the whole day. In the second case, these are different definitions based on energy use. Domain pricing is new to Italy and only emerged with the advent of the free market.

During business hours, on weekdays, Electricity demand is higher: All commercial and industrial activities are open. After 6 pm and on public holidays, the demand for electricity decreases precisely because most industries and businesses are closed.

The functionality and class of the device also affects the bill, which, if it is old, can consume much more. Finally, The best times to use trusted fans are:

  • 19.00 to 8:00 a.m. (band F2)
  • On holidays, Saturdays and Sundays (band F3)

On the other hand, the F1 band is the band in which energy prices are generally higher. This is the time from eight in the morning until seven in the evening. If these times seem uncomfortable to you, remember that you have to get into optics and it can be hard to get used to.

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If the bill costs continue to rise and the pricing documents are not understandable, it is better to seek advice and try to understand how to save. thanks for the free marketIn fact, you can change the supplier and choose the most suitable one.

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