Luca Calvani comes out and introduces his partner

In the photo posted on Instagram, Luca and Alessio are sitting on a chaise longue and holding hands while enjoying a little relaxation in their country house in Tuscany. They are both business partners as well, and in the resort profile they both explain that they both cook for guests: “Cooking for guests has become a moment of complicity for us. Inventing a menu, preparing it together, and sharing it with others. We started with pizza. Luca has always loved cooking, inviting friends home, But also he would go directly to them and cook with them,” Alessandro wrote in one of the posts.

Calvani co-stars on the “Courtesy of Guests” team, on RealTime, as interior design. In the past, he starred in many international dramas such as “Beautiful”, “Sex and The City” and series including “Tutti pazzi per amore”, “Il commissario Manara”, “District of Police” and “Good Season”. In the role of a suitor for the movie “Men and Women”, and two years later he won the “Island of the Famous”.

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