Now no more excuses not to do prevention

An agreement was finally signed between the region and Federfarma that will change the habits of the citizens. Prevention will be subject to change, and the speed and efficiency of information systems will simplify everyone’s life.

For years the national health system as well as doctors, Calling citizens to prevent oncological diseases through specialized visits and examinations. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to book and join initiatives like this The system is overloaded and clogged due to the large number of reservations, For computer systems that sometimes underwent changes and thus inconvenience but above all for heavy bureaucratic procedures that users have to follow for reservations.

Cancer Screening (web source)

Change arrives in Lazio

In fact, change has already taken place in the Lazio region in recent months On the regional portal it is possible to reserve in one click the services that had to be booked even a few months ago in the cup or by phone. You can call the tax code, choose the type of service and where the user prefers to go to perform it.

The same procedure has been activated for screening, that is, those tests needed to confirm or rule out the possibility of a tumor. Today, by agreement between the region and Federfarma, all this can also be done in 1800 pharmacies in Lazio.

An important turning point that speeds up the entire system and embraces a group of users who were not familiar with IT, in the past abandoned the famous prevention. Lazio aims for screening to fight cancer.

It has always been a priority for the Lazio region to advocate for citizens to prevent by sending messages to male and female users of a specific age group coinciding with the case history of those who could contract the disease, about 1.9 million years ago has been sent letters but adhesions were 50%.

Fear of being examined (web source)
Fear of being examined (web source)

Despite communications from the area, only half of them joined. The reasons can be linked to the fear of discovering something malicious and because the invitation must follow that bureaucratic process often stressful. Simplifying the procedure means increasing the number of users approaching screening and therefore prevention.

Here offers can be booked with one click

Breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings will be the ones that can be booked in one click from the comfort of your home or pharmacy, Thus confronting the bureaucracy that is a cancer in the health system. Online reservation system is called “Book smart” Available on the regional portal, To access, just a few clicks and you have the tax code (Stp or Eni code) and health card.

The same documents if you want to reserve them at the pharmacy. He explained that we aim to simplify for everyone in order to remove all obstacles in the prevention paths, and there must be access for everyone. Nicola Zingaretti Even in small neighborhoods and villages that do not have great health services. The pharmacies have adhered with conviction to this agreement proposed by the Lazio region to be present and assist in the region.

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