Paula and Kiara together again, “Reunion” after 10 years

Jul 01 2022 08:48

The sisters Izzy were the heroines of an event in Milan and sang two great songs: “Festival” and “Famus Pillar”

“But mom I swear to you, I’m Paula and Chiara, singing VivaElAmmmooorh! (Cit.)”, Paula Eazy writes sarcastically on Instagram. Her sister Kiara replied, “Beautiful DJ Paula with lots of friends and fun.”

For years, Paola has devoted herself to a DJ set and has become one of the most sought-after disc jockeys. Now this long-awaited meeting of the fans is making you dream. Many hope that it will be the beginning of a new collaboration between the two sisters, nine years after the release of their latest album “The Jungle”.

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