Professor Country Positive, Bizzary Lesson on the Immune System – ‘We’re at Serious Risk’

The course of disease remains an essential tool for our health today. Through the acute phase of the disease our body as explained by Dr. Mariano Bizzari, capable of building the necessary immune measures to counter future external threats. In the current contemporary medical logic, on the contrary, the process of treating pathology is in fact considered to have been bypassed by pharmacological administration capable of preventing, in some cases, or preventing the source of infection.

to the professor. Surprisingly, canceling the medical course poses a serious threat to the human being. Overexposure to drugs may actually lead to a fatal weakening of the immune system by compromising the response of our immune defenses. This could in fact lead to the derivation of what Bizzari calls a generation of “immune eunuchs,” the fragile people who are at risk even for not very aggressive diseases.

Long live the professor. Mariano Bizzari

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