Russian gas outage for 10 days in Northern Europe, Moscow announcement: “Maintenance on North Stream”

Nord Stream pipelines will be closed from July 11 to 21: This was announced by the operator Nord Stream AG, which was acquired by Russian agencies tax And the InterfaxExplain that the reason for the interruption Scheduled annual repair work. This is how . reads the press release Nord Stream AG: «From 11-21 July 2022, Nord Stream AG will implement the temporary shutdown of two Nord Stream pipelines to carry out planned maintenance work, including testing of mechanical components and automation systems to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation. from the pipeline.” These maintenance operations were planned ahead of time and the schedule for completion agreed with the upstream and downstream gas transportation partners.

background with germany

However, this is not the first time that Russia has suddenly decided to suspend gas supplies to Europe. Just two weeks ago, on June 14, Gazprom announced that it would reduce its daily delivery capacity to Germany via Nord Stream by more than 40%: a decision justified by the fact that the German group Siemens, which is responsible for supplying turbines to the pipeline, has not yet been able to send the required components to Moscow. Instant reflection of news in the markets: pricemain center Dutch TTF achieved i €90.74 per MWhAnd the 9% increase. Prior to this announcement, Gazprom had already stopped the flow of gas through Yamal pipeline, which were also destined for Germany and transit through Poland. Its rated capacity Yamal It’s about 33 billion cubic meters of gas.

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