Scuf Reflex, the highest quality console review for PS5 and PC also suitable for professional gamers

there Scuf Reflex Review It allows us to analyze a professional console, or rather a series of consoles, aimed at improving the gaming experience on PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s not just about repeatedly using a file DualSensebut also to put together a mix of features built on the basis of feedback collected from users. skov reflection So it presents itself with a design very similar to that of the PS5 console, but at the same time it puts us at hand, literally, solutions to improve the gameplay.

From body customizations to those buttons during the purchase phase, from interchangeable sticks to finishes, from digital crosshairs to back buttons and triggers, here’s everything that makes the new Scuf controller for PS5 unique and completely usable also on PC.

Hardware Features

Scuf Reflex PS5 Custom Equipment

give it Wireless bluetooth connection Powered by e ليثيوم lithium battery Can also be used via a USB cableAnd Scuf Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS are compatible with PS5, PC running Windows 7 or later, macOS Catalina, iOS 10, and Android. The manufacturer’s warranty is 180 days, but the legal warranty remains 24 months if purchased in Italy.

create file analog It is obviously the same as on all PlayStation consoles and the placement of the buttons is identical on the front of the control panel. There is also a button to disable the microphone of the headphones connected via the 3.5 mm jack or using a special port, which makes SLR cameras compatible with official accessories of the Sony console.

It remains in the frontal area, the only removable part of the body is the corresponding part, which can be easily replaced. The model that was delivered to us for testing had two spare convex sticks, one high and one low, but on site you can buy different components according to your needs.

Details of the Scuf Reflex FPS Long Analog Stick

Details of the Scuf Reflex FPS Long Analog Stick

On the back of the console we find four large panels, well integrated into the body of the panel, and a button for quick profiles. The rubber finish of the horns greatly improves grip, but it is optional and has an increased price tag.

Speaking of flaps, just as we told you in our Scuf Instinct Pro review for Xbox, Reflex panels are easily accessible thanks to the position in the recess between the handlebars and the center body of the console, and should be middle finger pressed, or Extension, which leads to the opening movement. Interestingly, the designers modified their resistance so that it would be the same regardless of the lower force exerted in the second case.

To set specific commands, simply press the select profile button on the back of the console and set the button we want to change from the three available, holding the same button until the profile light flashes. At this point we must activate the panels with the buttons we want to duplicate on them and finally press the profile selection button again. The process is so fast that it can be done even in the middle of a competitive match.

Scuf Reflex pallets are among the best in the market

Scuf Reflex pallets are among the best in the market

Finally, triggers do not have a selector. Basically, Scuf Reflex and Scuf Reflex Pro have the same adaptive stimuli of DualSense and haptic vibration, while the Scuf Reflex FPS, lighter because it has no vibration motors, is sold with digital instant triggers. However, during the configuration phase, it is possible, once the base model is selected, to decide individually not only which elements to color, but also which plugins to add to your console. Keep in mind that instant players cost 45 euros more than adaptive ones: if you play on PC, you will not have problems with asymmetric analogues and you want this type of trigger, it probably makes sense to consider buying the Instinct Pro model, because unlike Reflex has On the selector to change the movement of these keys.

Pricing starts at €219.99 for the base model. The Reflex Pro costs 239.99 and adds a high-performance grip; The Reflex FPS, finally, costs €269.99 and has grip and instant digital triggers (which, as mentioned, replace the adaptive ones) but doesn’t have the vibration motors. Depending on the customizations chosen to color each individual item, you can still easily go over 300 euros. If you don’t have high claims about coloring and want an improved DualSense clone, Reflex Pro is the option we recommend.

Scuf Reflex . Data Sheet

  • Analog designs: symmetric
  • Compatibility:
    • PlayStation 5
    • PC (Win 7+)
    • Mac (Catalina +)
    • iOS (10+)
    • Android
  • Delivery:
    • Wireless (RF, Bluetooth)
    • Wired with USB cable
  • diet: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • buttons: 17 other analog and D . pads
  • Replaceable parts: analog
  • Programmable: Yes, three features
  • door:
    • USB-C
    • playstation expansion port
    • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Dimensions: 160 x 105.92 x 66 mm
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • price: from €219.99


At first glance, the Scuf Reflex PS5 and DualSense are almost identical

At first glance, the Scuf Reflex PS5 and DualSense are almost identical

Scuf Reflex has a file the design Practically identical to DualSense. The differences are represented by the many aesthetic customizations available at the time of purchase, as well as some serigraphs that reproduce the Scuf logo and product name.

The measures The console is 160 x 105.92 x 66 mm, with a weight of 300 grams (the model without vibration weighs about 12 grams less).

The triggers have a very light hexagonal pattern at the ends, for better grip, while the D-pad and front buttons are presented without any icon (no arrows, no iconic cross, circles, triangle and square): a very neat solution, although it may cause some trouble for new Sony users . However, it is always possible to get tokens while configuring the console during the purchase phase. Finally, the home button has the classic design of a stylized house in place of the PlayStation logo.

Experience in use

Microphone area details on Scuf Reflex

Microphone area details on Scuf Reflex

We’ve tried Scuf Reflex on PC and PS5. From the first minutes you feelExcellent work environment and excellent build quality, making long gaming sessions a pleasure. Compared to the DualSense, there is also better key quality, especially with regard to the analog keys and the bumper.

Possibility Store different profiles Depending on the game, it comes in handy when you want to access different buttons for different games, while the lack of the option to switch from momentary triggers to adaptive triggers is a significant limitation compared to the Instinct Pro model. Unfortunately, it seems that due to the specificity of the Sony players.

Scuf Reflex adaptive triggers like those of DualSense

Scuf Reflex adaptive triggers like those of DualSense

Scuf Reflex can be used on PlayStation 5 just like DualSense: it connects the same way and works great with all the games we tested, from Horizon: Forbidden West to Gran Turismo 7. At FPS, the instant player model proved to be superior. Great in games where they are highly supported like Astro’s Playroom.

Even on a PC, it can be connected with a cable or via Bluetooth, and we had no problems at all, neither on PlayStation Exclusive, nor with games downloaded through stores other than Steam.

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