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In a recent study conducted by Prof Edward WangSan Diego scientists explained to the American newspaper the edge A wonderful invention. It was possible to design an application capable, through the use of an infrared camera used for facial recognition, to analyze people’s pupils and detect in time the presence of diseases such asAlzheimer.

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Experts explained how much the pupils It may reveal this pathology. Diagnosis away Application It certainly does not provide an immediate result but it does provide the first screening for all those who may be susceptible to this disease. How? The devices perceive the difference between pupils of different people with a corresponding eye color.

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After a series of actions required of people who decide to rely on this application, the answers are recorded and then analyzed to capture the various cognitive disorders associated with them. Scientists have found that on the basis of various motives presented by smart phonePupils react differently and therefore give different feedback depending on the presence of any disturbances. Certainly this is a huge step in both technology and people’s health: a preventative method that can save the skin of many.

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