Simona Ventura and Chiara Ferragni: Digital Entrepreneur Looking for Advice for Sanremo

Simona Ventura He is an expert when it comes to TV, and Chiara Ferragni asks her for help for Preparing to participate in the Sanremo Festival.

In fact, the digital entrepreneur will work alongside Amadeus to present the 72nd edition of the Italian Song Festival in the first and final episode.

Ferragni is new to the world of television, especially live broadcasting. She has always stayed away from TV shows, reality shows, and talk shows, and to make her enter the entertainment world, she turned to someone who had little experience.

Kiara decided Ask Simona Ventura for advicewhich – which In 2004 he conducted the 54th Sanremo Festival. This is what captured her.

Simona Ventura teaches Chiara Ferragni about Sanremo

“Coffee with Simona Ventura che Tell me the secrets of SanremoWith these words Chiara Ferragni tells fans about a pleasant chat with one of the most beloved TV presenters.

Simona also talked about their meeting in her social profiles. “My appreciation for Chiara has distant origins. Indeed, I would say more, I really love her! We have many points in common, albeit in two worlds that only seem to diverge. I love his intelligence, courage and curiosity! Thank you, Kiara, for thinking of me Virgil’s talk in the world of TV“.

The offspring of appreciation and affection between the two, accompanied by pictures of their meeting. But what secrets did Ventura hold its apprentice host? Here are the details of the reveal of tête-à-tête.

Simona Ventura Chiara Ferragni

Simona Ventura reassures Chiara: “In Sanremo 2023 you will be crushed!”

During the meeting, Simona explained to the digital entrepreneur what they are TV dynamics Which revolves around one of the most important TV shows in our country.

Simona explains that organizing a program like the Sanremo Festival is very complicated in terms of media coverage and the number of guests.

Chiara thanks Simona Ventura for “revealing the secrets of Sanremo”. To conclude the meeting, the words of encouragement addressed to Farajni were not lacking:In Sanremo 2023 you will be amazing!“.

Simona Ventura has said in the past that she was excited about the idea of ​​women’s racing. Coral Sanremo, among women, would be a beautiful thing.

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