Stranger Things 4 Part 2, Release Time on Netflix

Stranger Things Release Time 4

Weird things 4, What time is it released on Netflix? Fans of the Duffer Brothers-created television series had to wait a month to find out what the grand finale of season four would be, but it’s finally coming to an end. Starting Friday, July 1, the last two episodes of Season 4 have finally arrived in the Netflix catalog.

What time does it come out Weird things 4, and above all, what is the checkout time? There are those who hope that Netflix will opt for a midnight launch for the last two episodes of season four. Hoping that the episodes will hit the air at midnight between Thursday, June 30 and Friday, July 1 in Italy is in vain, because Netflix has no plans to show the last two episodes at midnight. We repeat: Weird things 4 will not be released at midnight on Friday, July 1 on Netflix Italy.

Those who were convinced might be misled by the fact that, as with the releases of the Netflix original series, First appearance is set at 9.00 in Italian morning which corresponds to Midnight Pacific Time. So yes, Weird things 4 out at midnight… For those who live in Los Angeles.

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To watch the last two episodes of season 4, in short, you have to wait 9 AM (Italian time) and connect to Netflix Italy. This is official verified information with Netflix, So anyone talking about time out for Weird things 4 in the middle of the night does not say the right things.

As with all of his original series, movies, and shows, Netflix distributes content starting at 9 a.m. on the first day contained in the catalog. Not expected, except in exceptional cases (remember that the fourth season of SKAM ITALYalso released on Timvision), debuts at midnight news on Netflix Italy.

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