Tick ​​bite, need antibiotics or blood tests?

A tick bite can have terrible effects on our bodies by infecting them with horrific diseases. Here’s what to do in case of a sting

Mark (Image by Eric Caritz via Pixabay)

It belongs to the family of arthropods tick They belong to the spider family, or the family of arachnids. And such people have eight legs. Ticks are small external parasites: from a few millimeters to about 1 cm. Size varies by species and stage of development.

tick her body Rounded (some of them are drop-shaped) and is distinguished by a mouth apparatus (tritus) capable of penetrating the skin and sucking blood, now it is inserted deeper and deeper under the skin. Find out if the tick is standing to bite It is really difficult because at the moment of the bite, they are impregnated with the saliva of the principles of anesthesia and it is difficult to understand if he was attacked. Not forgetting that the sting does not cause itching and pain. But what or what need to Do Did you ever get sick?

Tick ​​bite: are blood tests required?

Tick ​​bite blood test medicine
Mark (Image by Eric Caritz via Pixabay)

Ticks can stay attached for up to 7 days and then falls off automatically. However, it is important to remove them within a couple of days so that the amount of poison that can inoculate us is not reduced. to remove These insects are a relatively easy process, but you need to be careful not to break them: just take one pliers And grab it and roll it like a cork.

This process must be done with gloves Sterile but above all you should not use alcohol, gasoline, acetone, trichlorethylene, ammonia, oil or fat to stun her. According to the ISS, these treatments may cause the tick to release more toxins. Once removed, it will remain a red bump that will disappear within a couple of days. very important purify them The area should be monitored constantly to prevent infection in the following month. It is also important to follow a suitable one Tetanus prevention. The removed animal should be kept in a bottle of 70% alcohol so that it can be studied if symptoms develop. And after 30 days it can burn out.

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It is important that you have removed the tick and gone off Doctor With the insect in the bottle. The doctor may prescribe antibiotic treatment, especially in the case of red spots, fever and joint pain. But not only because the doctor might have done a bit Blood analysis To make sure you have not contracted Lyme disease.

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