Tommaso Stanzani, the mother tells of the moment he left

We met him during the twentieth edition of friends, talent show Maria de Filippi Broadcasting on Canale 5. Today Tommaso Stanzani In addition to dedicating himself to his career as a dancer, he is going through a beautiful love affair with her Tommaso Zorzi winner in Big brother 5. The pair have been an established couple for over a year and are very close. Despite his young age, the former student of friends He never wanted to hide his sexual orientation, and live his relationship out in the open, regardless of those who still judged or indulged in phrases bordering on ignorance or homophobia.

as colleagues from Biccy.itOn the occasion of the month of pride Tommaso Stanzani And the mother released a very special interview on the pages Vanity Fair. The woman said how the boy got out:

I remember well the day that happened. I came home from the German Cup, which I lost, of course. You had a crazy crush on someone and as a good inquisitive mom I wanted to know who was the lucky one. And so I began to list the names of all the girls a little. First, the Italian team, then the Spanish and Brazilian national teams, all a little bit. You didn’t come up with the name and then I said to you in a very natural way “But he’s a real boy?”. I stood motionless, went pink and red, then said it and relaxed. Yes you deflated as if you were saying “Okay, we’ve finally talked about it”.

The woman admitted that she had fears connected above all with the fear of the “other”, that eye that sees everything and judges everything:

I’m honest, we weren’t very suspicious. I understood from an early age. I don’t know, when we open the gift boxes, you’d take the rose and put it on your head saying “How beautiful I am”. We had no doubts, but we had no major problems either. I only had one fear, and that was that you couldn’t have the same adolescence as other guys falling in love with a girl. They can go to the cinema and hold hands on the street without fear. This was my only interest. Then I regretted not having grandchildren, I dreamed of becoming a grandmother. Currently, unfortunately, Italian rules do not allow this, or in any case it is not easy to adopt or rent a surrogacy. I’m sorry if my son wants kids and he’s going to find this difficult.

Tommaso Stanzani Explain how important it is to support his family:

I wasn’t afraid or shy. I was only young, I was 14 and it really was my first crush. I was a singer from an early age, however, it made sense that everything should already be clear to you. I am happy with my mother’s reaction, even though she told me she was afraid for society. Having had my parents’ support, I never had a problem dealing with my orientation. If I had run into a wall, it would have been hard for me to be myself.

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