UFO impact on the Moon: It may be a ‘real’ UFO

A UFO, or rather an “unidentified flying object”, has collided with the hidden face of the moon, the famous dark side of the moon. This is what was witnessed by the American space agency NASA, as well as the most important agency in the world, which determined, as we read on its official page on Twitter, that the “UFO” collided with our satellite exactly last March 4, only more than four months ago.

Moon, 1/7/2022 – Computermagazine.it

The lunar reconnaissance probe resumed the engagement, or rather, the place of contact, only last May 25, and after careful examination, the image was actually announced. The image shows, as you can see from the NASA tweet that you also find on this page Double hole with two impact zones With a diameter of 16 and 18 meters, respectively. According to what insiders know, this double crater could indicate that the unknown body collided with the moon and then bounced back on the moon a second time. “It’s a rare event but it can happen, especially if the angle of impact is very high,” comments the Rainews website, in which case it’s actually also unlikely because the angle at which the mysterious object hits the lunar surface appears to be only 15 degrees away. from the vertical position.

The effect of a “UFO” on the moon: find out all the details

Mark Robinson “Since the origin of the debris remains uncertain, the dual nature of the crater could help us understand its identity,” the chamber’s chief scientist aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter commented. Standards that are too close, according to experts, can suggest a An object with two large blocks at the ends, and missiles usually have only one missile near the engine. The space debris was initially identified as a stage from SpaceX’s Falcon9 rocket, then the Chinese Chángzhēng sānhào bǐng booster rocket was considered, but Beijing authorities denied the incident, explaining that their rocket had regularly crashed into the ocean. So the origin of the object that crashed on the moon remains uncertain: who left this huge double crater? We’ll find out in the next few weeks, maybe…

🔴 Source: Rainews.it

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