Who Died in Stranger Things 4 Part 2

Who dies in Stranger Things 4 Part 2?

who died in it Weird things 4 Part 2? Let’s find out together.

Attention: the following is full explanation From the conclusion of the second part of Stranger Things 4 So it includes some spoiler About the developments of the fourth season. If you’d rather not spoil the surprise, we suggest that you don’t keep reading. If you want to know who dies, find the explanation below.

In the fourth season, Available live from Friday, May 27 with Part 1, and from Friday, July 1 with the final two episodes, our favorite Hawkins must face the most serious threat to come out so far in the inverted part. This is Vecna, a disturbing anthropomorphic character who can open portals between her dimensions and the Upside Down by killing Hawkins’ teens.

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The first glossy death of Volume 2 of Season 4 occurs in Episode 8. Who dies? “Dad,” aka Dr. Brenner, does not survive. After being shot by Lt. Col. Jack Sullivan’s army outside the bunker where Project Nina is located, Dr. Brenner dies He tries to save Eleven.

The second major death can be traced back to the end of Episode IX. It’s Eddie Monson who doesn’t survive: the heavy metal head and Hellfire club president dies of injuries sustained by a swarm of pilot bats that erupts against him as he lures them away from his friends. Eddie dies In Dustin’s arms. The latter makes sure to inform his uncle that Eddie sacrificed himself for Hawkins, the same town that considered him a monster.

Among the deaths in episode nine there is also a death Jason Carver, head of the basketball team and friend of Chrissy Cunningham. After traveling to Creel’s house to avenge the Hellfire Club, Jason points the gun at Lucas and orders him to wake Max, who has since fallen into a Vecna ​​trance. After a fierce battle, Lucas manages to overpower Jason, who is lying unconscious on the ground. When the deaths of the four Vecna ​​cause the portal with the Upside Down to open, tearing the town of Hawkins apart, the groove cuts Jason’s body in two, killing him before Lucas’ eyes.

Finally, Max died, too. The young woman offered herself as bait to lure Vecna ​​and allow her friends in the Upside Down to destroy the monster’s body, taking advantage of its aftermath. Although Eleven manages to free himself from the game of Number 001, he is unable to stop him in time: Max awakens from a coma, but his circumstances are miserable. He begs him not to leave her, and he dies in Lucas’ arms. Eleven isn’t ready to say goodbye to her friend: Andy uses her powers to bring Max back to life. The latter, two days later, lies in a deep coma: Doctors do not explain how his heart returned to beating after stopping for a minute. No one knows if Max will ever wake up, but overall, Max wasn’t quite dead at the end of Season 4.

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Among the deaths in the second part of the fourth season we must also take into account The 22 victims of the 7.4-magnitude earthquake – or resulting from opening the portal between Upside Down and Hawkins – fired by Vecna.

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