Willing to invest in Milan

Sacramento Kings owner wants to invest in football: He’s also tried to buy Chelsea

Vivek Yeshwant Ranadevi is the new name for Milan. He is not a defender or a playmaker, but an Indian entrepreneur who is ready to invest together red bird In the Rossoneri Club. talking with Jerry Cardinal, which has been busy in recent weeks in the US searching for investors, is already underway and the 65-year-old hopes to reach an agreement soon. Ranadivé is already well known in the sports world as the owner of Sacramento KingsNba, and wants to enter football as well, as evidenced by the recent offer to buy Chelsea.

The numbers are still top secretbut RedBird is known to be looking for a piece of 1.2 billion euros It will be paid to Elliott at the scheduled closing time of September 2022. So Ranadivé will be ready to go help Cardinale and re-propose the Sacramento Kings model: a franchise that was purchased in 2013 for $534 million and has reached the current valuation of $2.06 billion according to Sportico. An excellent financial result from a financial point of view, and not from a financial point of view where the desired results were not achieved. In 2010, Ranadevi was also co-owner of Golden State Warriors before being forced to sell his shares to buy Kings.

An American Indian businessman recognized by all for his creativity and innovative ideasHe left India as a boy with only fifty dollars in his pocket, studied in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and made his fortune in the world of technology, first Technkron Then with the establishment TEPCO In 1997, the company specializes in the production of software for integration fields.

In recent years, he has taken his work to the world of sports and now, after his failed attempt with Chelsea, he has set his sights on AC Milan. With his son Anil, he spoke with the Cardinal to study his entry into the process. New money, important help for RedBird to complete the deal with Elliott. From the NBA to the Serie A, Ranadevi is ready for his new challenge.

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