‘Yelenia is Alive’, indiscretion makes Albano and Romina tremble: the clear evidence

New rumors will arrive that Yelenia Carisi, the missing daughter of Albano and Romina, will be alive. Let’s see why.

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As parents, Albano and Romina never stopped believing that Ylenia could survive and not be dead as everyone now thinks.

Albano and Romina never give up

It was not only their songs and their marriage that connected Albano and Romina, but also their children. Among these, Ylenia stands out. The story of the girl affected the whole world. She was born in 1970, and she died January 6, 1994.

Albano and Roma
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He was in the United States, specifically in New Orleans, on a trip. a trip completely lonliness In the homeland of her mother, the daughter of actor Tyrone Power. A period in Yelenia’s life was marked by many doubts and drug abuse.

Happened, at the time, to bring down the picture of the perfect family that Albano and Romina have painted for themselves over the years. mysterious disappearance which his parents, Albano and Romina, did not want to believe completely. Recently, Romina said that she does not believe in her daughter’s death and will not compromise on finding her.

Over the years there were rumors that the girl was not going to die. The last one dates back some time and was compiled by the German magazine Neue Blatt.

Jelena is alive and will live in Berlin

I asked the magazine two fortune tellers Marie and Lilo von Kisenwetter. According to their analyzes, during the trip to America, Yelenia had contact with the wrong people. Drugs may also be involved. They see the addiction of a man who, in spite of herself, Yellen fell in love.

Because of this hypothetical man, the daughter of Albano and Romina was a victim of violence. Parallel to the magazine As the investigator heard Who will investigate? According to this professional, Ylenia will live an unknown life in Berlin. There she will prove herself by becoming the mother of two children as well as a wife.

Albano and Romina on Noi Platt
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The magazine seems to describe a plausible scenario. After all, Albano and Romina did not stop believing that their daughter was alive. Could it be that they were in contact with their daughter and didn’t say anything to the press?

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