Zelensky’s letter to Putin. But Kyiv denies this

in legendSnake IslandYesterday, the Russian forces abandoned it as a “goodwill gesture”, according to the Kremlin, under the weight of the Ukrainian attacks, according to the Kremlin. KyivThere is the entire Russian-Ukrainian war, including the secret of secret mediations. The most recent, yesterday, of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who announced that he was handed over to put it in Message from the president Zelensky. “I have expressed my desire to establish contact between the two leaders.” Returning to the island, the dimensions of the legend are 17 hectares that appear in the Black Sea, more than 3 kilometers from the coast. There are no trees, the wind sweeps away this barren crust of lost land in the Black Sea 45 kilometers from southern Ukraine, 30 from Romania, 140 from the port of Odessa, 170 from the Romanian NATO base Mikhail Kogalnicino. In a position to control the traffic to the Bosphorus which, among other things, now carries grain in silos.

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Thirteen Ukrainians fortified the outpost when on February 24 the main ship of the Russian fleet, “Moskva”, appeared in sight of the island and was ordered to surrender. A few words on the radio: “This is a Russian military ship…I suggest you lay down your arms and surrender to avoid a bloodbath and needless losses. If not, we will bomb you. Goalkeeper Roman Gripov decides in a matter of seconds. He’s addressing – according to British “The Telegraph” reports that almost created a sequel on Snake Island – to a female colleague. “Well, this is it. I tell him to go get …? That’s how we understand each other ». And that’s what he already says. “Russian warship, go and get …” The phrase that becomes a flag for all Ukrainians. He turns into T-shirts in And in a postage stamp on it Ukrainian guards the island shows an average index of “Moskva” with all its guns and hull that the Ukrainians will destroy and drown at Putin’s expense. David’s bomber strikes Goliath. Legend feeds on the trick of death for all the thirteen “defenders” of the sea fort, who They “rise up” instead and are unexpectedly exchanged with other prisoners, returning home. Including the author of the historical response to Russian radio operators. But the Ukrainians have never given up on reoccupying the island, implementing a very simple strategy: destroy everything Russian approaches From 17 hectares of miserable but crucial wasteland.


Kirillo Budanov, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, explains that anyone holding positions on “Zmini Island”, the name of the island, controls “the surface of southern Ukraine and to some extent the skies of southern Ukraine, and can block the movements of merchant ships in all directions from the south of the country ” . Indeed, as soon as Russia occupied this disputed handkerchief, it tried to install the mid-range Pantsir-S, Tor-M2 and 9K35 Strela platforms. He also wanted to deploy S-400 launchers there to strike Odessa with 48N6 missiles. The last Ukrainian attack was recorded only yesterday morning: the neutralization of the Pantsir regime. But previously it was all a series of videos that gave wings to Ukrainian pride. Here is a drone that shoots down one of the approaching Russian helicopters. The fate of “Moskva” made the Russian presence on the island even more dangerous, and the main radar shield did not sufficiently cover it. Until yesterday, the ad hides a mystery. The Russians were the first to present a clear version of what they present as their choice.

The Ministry of Defense announced, “On June 30, as an act of goodwill, the Armed Forces of the Federation completed the tasks assigned to Snake Island and withdrew the stationed garrison.” “Therefore, it has been proven to the international community that Russia is not interfering in the efforts of the United Nations to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products,” he added. Kyiv will no longer be able to “predict the impending food crisis. Now it is up to the Ukrainian side, which has not yet cleared the Black Sea coast near its coast.” Words suggest an agreement, an agreement that Erdogan’s Turkey has been working on for weeks, to ensure the safety of “grain lanes.” The Russians say: We liberated the island, and now the Ukrainians clearing mines from the waters of Odessa. But in the meantime shouts of victory are rising from Kyiv. Andriy Yermak, head of the presidential office, wrote on Telegram: “The Ukrainian armed forces have expelled the Russians.” “The enemy has left them. “We forced him to do this,” said a spokesman for the General Staff, Oleksiy Gromov. And the legend reaches the top of NATO, where US President Biden said: “Snake Island has been revived, and we will stay with Ukraine for as long as necessary.”

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