50% help, a gift for the cost of living, what do you answer to the questions

The high cost of living really puts Italian families to the test.

But the ability to save Expensive car insurance It is definitely an option not to be missed in a period like this.

Ansa / Maurizio Brambati

Families expenses are very high but in this period of high inflation Moving forward becomes more difficult.

Car insurance help

Families are stunned by the bills But also from the cost of gasoline and everything becomes more expensive.


Many Italians are even considering giving up their car Specifically so that you do not have to pay all the taxes and exorbitant expenses that this vehicle entails. Owning a car is definitely a big cost But it’s also insurance that carries a lot of weight. The Government It intervenes with the help of gasoline but also the possibility of saving Stamp duty and insurance. In fact, road tax cannot legally be paid by owners of electric cars, vintage cars or if you are in the conditions set out in Law 104.

Insurance at low prices this way

Alternatively when it comes to car insurance The possibility of saving is available to everyone. In fact, Italians today can really save a lot on their insurance policy Thanks to sites like Face.it. This site or other similar sites on the Internet allow you to do so Instantly compare all available insurance policies Thus being able to choose one at the lowest price. The savings can be very big but they are important Correctly answer the questions asked by the site.

Be careful not to make mistakes and a lot of tricks

In fact, in order to create the most appropriate policy The site will ask a whole bunch of important questions About us and our car. By answering these questions, the site will be able to create the most correct policy. But be careful, however, to rely only on the most famous and recognized sites because unfortunately there are many scams on the Internet.

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