And Turkey included on the list of Kurds that Ankara is asking Sweden and Finland to join NATO. Di Maio: “There will be no repercussions”

a existing variable size. Someone is talking about 33, who are over 70 years of age. Certainly, the names and titles of the gods are starting to appear the Kurds who – which Recep Tayyip Erdogan Wants in exchange for entry Sweden And the Finland subordinate Boy. Several Turkish newspapers have been published freedom And in the list there researchers Academics and cybersecurity experts, activistsMayors and women fight for rights teachers And the journalists. accusation? to be a part of PKKThe PKK and fetusIt is the movement led by the former ally of Erdogan, Fethullah Gulenwho was later accused of being a dissident and organizer of coup attempt From the summer of six years.

Madrid victoryThe Turkish newspapers gave the green light to 12 extraditions from Finland and 33 from Sweden. Although Erdogan even talked about it “73 terrorists” Who should return to Turkey from Stockholm? The timing and reaction of Finland and Sweden to Ankara’s requests may be crucial to a successful conclusion of Joining process From Scandinavia to NATO. After signing the Protocolsto expand to Helsinki and Stockholm there should be too ratification By the parliaments of NATO member states, including Turkey, who will want to see the results before the decision is confirmed. and the note – That in addition to extradition of suspected terrorists is also required of the Scandinavian countries unblock On the arms sales For Turkey – offer one A committee Joint Turkish, Finnish and Swedish officials who will oversee the implementation of the agreement.

Among the names revealed freedom There Sezgin will show youOthman submerged and guide carAccused of trying to start a fire in front of the Turkish embassy in Helsinki. And again Moses Doganwho was sentenced by the Turkish authorities in 1993 to life imprisonment for his participation in some demonstrations, in addition to Muhammad destroyerthe former mayor of Anatolia who later fled due to his Kurdish origins and women’s rights activist, Burku Secret. About the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di MaioHowever, the two Scandinavians can be trusted: “They have great Constitutional culture subordinate human rightsTherefore, I do not think that the Madrid agreement with Ankara has occurred Effect on the Kurdish people,” he stressed on Saturday.

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