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18-13 deep diagonal by Jennari, an excellent match for Alicia.

17-13 It is forbidden to remove Nouacalur from the second place.

16-13 Danny’s joke does not pass.

16-12 Nicklor shoots a ball in the middle of the field.

15-12 Answers to the Dancy Center.

14-12 first half of Saykova.

13-12 Jordanova offensive foul.

13-11 deep diagonal of Jenary.

12-11 Nouclor from second place.

11-11 Yordanova finds the hands of the Nuackalore wall and restores the situation to equality.

11-10 Ace from Dimitrova.

9-11 Jordanova was found by Dancy.

11-8 Baskova’s joke does not pass.

10-8 Euro and Danisi do not understand each other this time.

10-7 Pallonetto di Orro of a second intention.

9-7 long genari joke.

9-6 Fast by Chirichella, Cristina has stepped up the blows in these recent games.

8-5 first half of Chirichella.

7-5 quick win by Todorova.

7-4 Muroneeee of Nwakalor and Chirichella in Jordanova.

6-4 Danes benefit from a bountiful reception.

5-4 Good first half by Danny.

4-4 We’re wasting the counterattack.

3-4 Genary training.

3-3 parallel to nucleolor from the second position.

2-3 long service from Orro.

2-2 narrow diagonal of Petrini.

1-2 Marinova wall on Danisi.

1-1 Jordanova long joke.

0-1 starts with a point from Dimitrova.

19:50 Italy put in a really great game especially in the break, with a wall defense system that works like never before in the Nations League. The best of the match was Elena Petrini, who, upon returning to the national team, had already scored 15 points in only two sets.

25-19 Nwakalor shuts it down immediately without problems.

24-19 Milan cancels the first.

24-18 Bordata dei Pietrini, there are 6 fixed points for Italy.

23-18 Pallonetto in a tube of Pietrini.

22-18 On the fifth try, we pulled off a crazy match against the wall.

22-17 Chirichella win quickly.

21-17 impregnable pietrine tubes.

20-17 long Danes joke.

20-16 Fortunately, nothing serious, we can continue.

20-16 Murone by Danesi, but be careful because Nwakalor took a small blow to his left arm.

19-16 Paskova’s Mani-out.

19-15 is perfect parallel to my legs.

18-15 Noaclor without problems from the second place.

17-15 Bulgaria returns to -2.

17-14 fast by Todorova.

17-13 first half of Danesi.

16-13 Jordanova tries to put the team on his shoulders.

16-12 The series ends in Chirichella’s service here.

16-11 Another Petrini diagonal, I come back for it.

15-10 Pipeline from Nuackalore.

14-10 Another hard blow to the wall by Jordanova.

14.9 Yordanova replied with the same coin.

14-8 rehearsed with Pietrini from 4th position.

13-8 Nuwakkalor scores from the second streak.

12-8 Italy goes to the technical deadline by 4.

11-8 Murone di Pietrini in Chausheva!

10-8 Chirichella immediately forgives quickly.

9-8 Chirichella web invasion.

9-7 Ketipova long joke.

8-7 Siam signing with Dimitrova.

8-6 NWA finds an excellent ball in the middle of the field.

7-6 Aceeeee by Danesi!

6-6 Genari passes into Dimitrova’s hands.

5-6 tube Chausheva winner.

5-5 Mane-out by Nwacalore, returned with a draw.

4-5 Bordata di Pietrini, who does whatever he pleases without a wall.

3-5 Orro joke also gets away.

3-4 along Chausheva service.

2-4 exercises by Jordanova.

3-2 Petrini plays expertly at the hands of the wall.

1-3 Ace from Dimitrova.

1-2 escape from the Nuackalore tube.

1-1 simple foul by De Gennaro in defence.

1-0 starts with a ring of millimeters from Gennari.

19.22 The first impeccable group of blues, who left very little to opponents, which made a huge difference thanks to their impeccable wall defense system. Three punches and three aces for Italy in exchange for one winning Bulgarian serve. Petrini and Danesi lead the scorers list with 6 and 5 points.

12-25 closes at Sur Nuakalore!

24-12 deep first half of Danesi.

12-23 Vasilieva Makis attack.

23-11 A disaster between Kitipova and Dimitrova.

22-11 high inverted by De Gennaro and deep diagonal by Pietrini.

21-11 The Danes benefit from a plentiful reception.

11-20 Ace Euro!

19-11 Todorova’s offensive foul.

18-11 Murone by Pietrini and Danesi also on Marinova!

17-11 Two blue prodigies in defense, then Pieterini takes care of her in attack.

16-11 Marinova enters and opens up the situation in Bulgaria.

16-10 Great defense by Chirichella and amazing speed by Danesi.

15-10 narrow diameter for Pietrini, we’re playing the Great Wall Defence.

14-10 Moroni to Petrini and Danesi in Paskova.

13-10 Aceeeee by Chirichella!

12-10 parallel afraid of Noaclor from the second line.

11-10 deep lob from Orro second intent.

10-10 Paskova finds Chirchella’s hands.

10-9 Chirichella bag fast.

9-9 Long line Nuackalore.

9-8 Genari breaks through the high hands of the wall and we take the lead.

8-8 receiving and attacking the genari.

7-8 Chausheva found the hands of the Nwakalor wall.

7-7 Aceeee by Danesi!

6-7 Nouaclor passes in the middle of the wall and a shot is far from easy.

5-7 Petrine tube winner.

4-7 Chucheva passes in parallel.

4-6 First Nations League point for Elena Petrini.

3-6 Ice from Dimitrova

3-5 Chausheva lob.

3-4 Chausheva finds the hands of the wall from the second place.

3-3 Jordanova cuts a diagonal nail this time.

3-2 Escape from Jordanova’s attack.

2-2 Moroni by Danisi over Jordanova.

1-2 quick win for Dimitrova.

1-1 Kitipova’s joke does not pass.

0-1 starts parallel to Paskova.

18:57 Dimitrova, Baskova, Kitipova, Todorova, Jordanova, Chusheva and Todorova.

18.54 This is the hexagram of Italy: Gennari, Oro, Petrini, Chirichella, Danisi, Nouacalure and Di Gennaro.

18:51 Mazzanti yesterday gave space to the players who had a few of them during these weeks, given the qualifications already obtained and the insurmountable obstacle that Bulgaria represent today could repeat the same situation.

18:48 Bulgaria instead occupies 14th place with 9 points and a 0 chance of qualifying for the eighth final, but it will try to finish with its beauty in front of the Sofia crowd.

18:45 Italy are currently fourth in the standings with 8 wins, 2 defeats and 23 points, trying to climb some positions they will definitely have to win the last two games by three points and then hope for some gaffes from the teams ahead of them.

18:42 In fact, we remind you that the top seven seeded will qualify for the confrontation stage, in addition to Turkey as the host country.

18:39 Blue, after yesterday’s victory against South Korea (3-1), is mathematically qualified for the eighth final match in Ankara.

18.36 Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, the match valid for the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Nations League.

OA Sport friends good evening and welcome Live broadcast from Italy and Bulgaria, a valid match for the Women’s Volleyball Nations League 2022. This is the twelfth round of the national team of David Mazanti, who is already sportingly confident of qualifying for the quarter-finals in Ankara, we remind you that the format of the tournament provides a kind of Italian round, and ultimately the best seven plus Turkey, as the host country, will compete in a series of head-to-head matches From the quarter-finals, to the final, which awards the title.

Italy are now mathematically certain of qualifying for the eighth final, at which point the goal becomes to win these last matches in hopes of getting the best possible position in the standings, in order to have an affordable crossroads on paper in the quarter-finals. . from the final. The Blues, thanks to yesterday’s win over South Korea (3-1), have risen to six straight wins and are now fourth in the standings with 8 overall wins and 23 points. Bulgaria, who are playing today at home, were actually cut short from the qualifying speech, but they still want to do well in front of their home fans and will try to put Igono and her teammates in difficulty.

OA Sport brings you live broadcast of Italy and Bulgaria match valid for Women’s Volleyball Nations League 2022, real-time news, minute by minute, movement by movement, point by point, so you don’t really miss anything. The match will start at 19:00!

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