Covid, a new alert? Here’s the truth about hospitals

As reported by the main Italian news agencies, Latest weekly Covid-19 monitoring prepared by Istituto Superiore di Sanità It speaks of a real catastrophe in progress. So much so that AdnKronos, with the usual lack of any critical relief marked for two years by the so-called single virus newspaper, is the title of one of its July 1 editions: “Covid Today Italy, Issue: Epidemic in the acute stage”.

The only thing missing is the announcement of the imminent arrival of a massive arrival of locusts to make a situation that no longer appears to be ending more bleakly.

In particular, in the document in question, which refers to the period from 20 to 26 June 2022, This introduction is chilling: “Despite the summer period in which many outdoor activities are carried out, an acute epidemic phase has been confirmed, characterized by a significant increase in infection rate, and transmissibility (calculated on the basis of asymptomatic and hospitalized cases) higher than Epidemic threshold and increased bed occupancy rates in the medical and intensive care area.”

Well, on June 26 across the country with Covid (clarification is always necessary, given that the Italian Society of Anesthesiologists recently confirmed that 80% of those who enter Covid wards today, despite being positive, are hospitalized for others, for more serious reasons . ) There were 227 people in intensive care and 5,532 in regular wards. Therefore, if it is reasonable to assess the severity of the epidemic from hospital data, taking into account this, as an infectious disease specialist has often argued Matteo Bassettithe more swabs I did, the more positive I found – moreover with a very questionable amplification method that seems to find out everything – if the updated rate for the same intensive treatments is much less than 3%, the situation is considered “severe”, when it was 30 /40% What catastrophic adjective should we define it?

Obviously we’ve been facing something like this for over two years now Kind of short circuit cognitive Which by false association between contagion and serious illness, raising the specter of imminent death for those who come into contact with the virus, there is a tendency to justify the unjustifiable, or to adopt unbearable restrictive measures that respond to political, economic, and professional interests that have nothing to do with protecting public health.

So much so that another example of caring for fur is in our favor, The Gimbe Foundation by Nino CartabellottaA few weeks ago, he resumed knocking on TVs and newspapers, pleading Masks back inside To contain the sinister infection. Infection which, according to Sky tg24, according to Cartapilotta himself, “is greatly underestimated, with the increase in the speed of viral circulation already having obvious effects on hospitals”.

Now, bearing in mind that in periods of extreme heat like the present, there has always been a certain increase in hospital admissions and this, which few point out, no one has ever dreamed of subjecting anyone who needs treatment to a tampon before. We ask ourselves a thousand times the following question: What are we talking about?

In my opinion we are in existence of some kind giant alarm purchased Which, backed by embarrassing complacency on the part of the big press, still keeps a country of 60 million people on the brink of fear. In fact, it would be enough to do, like most European countries, which for some time used only tampons for diagnostic purposes (Germany in terms of the population makes one tenth of our country and Sweden thirty), to drive Italy out. The insanity of unprecedented mass paranoia.

Claudio Rometti, July 2, 2022

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