“Covid, we have not seen such a large number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic. Some doctors see 50 to 60 cases a day”

“As family physicians, we are noticing a massive increase in Covid infections, with numbers never observed in more than two years of the pandemic.” “A great case series,” which for some colleagues with many clients “means seeing up to 50 cases a day.” Silvestro ScottiSecretary-General of Vimg, Italian Federation of General PractitionersAdnkronos Health tracks a picture characterized by a new positive Sars-CoV-2 mutation, but “with predominant symptoms affecting the upper respiratory tract”, and thus without an increase in terms of pneumonia.

However, especially “in this summer period – Scotty identifies – a respiratory illness like Covid-19 can lead to complications that are not exclusively caused by the virus. Having a cold in the winter, when you tend to stay covered in warmth is one thing, and being there in the summer is a thing.” Quite another, taking into account the constant changes in temperature “from the outside to the inside, thanks to” air conditioning “and the risk factors that can lead to complications of accessories”.

“I have fewer clients than the average Italian family doctor, because for obvious reasons I’ve limited my limit to a thousand patients – number one at Fimmg said – but only today I had 6 new positives”, versus ” 2-3 cases a day »recorded “Previously”, and I am currently following about 30 positive patients who are in the isolation period. But they are all home isolation, without the need for hospitalization or the appearance of symptoms affecting the lower respiratory system, and also by virtue of the relatively young age of the newly infected, which also explains the low use for antiviral drugs.”

Scotty works in Campania, which is a “young” area compared to the rest of the peninsula, “and in any case we also have elderly patients with comorbidities,” he points out. «What I see – and it highlights – is that at this moment, since they realize they are fragile, they are more defensive; They are certainly those who have higher vaccination coverage and continue prevention measures, using a mask and a tendency to avoid crowds. Thus, the elderly and people with diseases, who are more alert, are less likely to get infections.”

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