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15.30 Shame of defeat against Holland, the first 16 minutes seemed to dominate Setterosa, but from the third quarter Italy disappeared from the match.

0.00 Ends here, Italy and Holland 5-7. Bronze for the Netherlands, fourth place for Setterosa.

0.31 Gooooooooooool, Marlita, shorten the gap, Italy and Holland 5-7.

0.50 Slicking scores the goal that practically deserves bronze, Italy – Netherlands 4-7.

1.19 shot by Marlita.

1.39 goals by Ten Broek who takes the crossbar and then enters, Italy – Netherlands 4-6.

2.15 Loeb Archived By Arts.

3.17 Giustiny share.

4.19 Italy misses two counterattacks.

5.53 Mark Holland with Van der Karats, Italy – Netherlands 4-5.

6.07 Arts saves a shot from Gallardi that looked like it was on the net.

6.38 Amazing show by Pancelli.

7.33 First possession of the Netherlands wasted.

7.55 The last quarter begins!!!!

0.00 ends the third quarter, Italy and the Netherlands 4-4.

0.33 Sevinich High Finale.

1.35 Van der Sloot goals, Netherlands equalizer, Italy – Netherlands 4-4.

2.12 Conclusion of Avegno being converted.

2.57 Bancelli is still decisive.

3.25 Picozzi sends from a distance.

3.51 Sevenich’s goal shortens Holland, Italy – Netherlands 4-3.

4.19 Bianconi cross.

5.25 Van der Sloot expects Justini before the shot.

6.17 Avegno pole from close position.

7.06 Marlita’s conclusion is skewed by Arts.

7.55 The third quarter begins!

0.00 ends the second quarter, Italy and the Netherlands 4-2.

0.49 Mark Holland with Joustra, insistence on working, Italy – Netherlands 4-2.

1.10 The extraordinary offer of Pancelli.

2.24 Koolhaas sends the ball from a good position.

3.15 Bancelli’s exceptional save.

4.21 Gooooooooooooooooool, Giustiniiiiiiiiiiiii, arrived at Setterosa, Italy – Netherlands 4-1.

4.34 Becozzi stops Van der Sloot’s shot.

5.14 Dutch Cross.

5.47 GOoooooooooooooooooooool, Giustiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, great goal after choral work, Italy – Netherlands 3-1.

7.21 Gallardi tries to shoot, but fails to score.

7.55 The second quarter begins!

0.00 ended the first quarter, Italy and the Netherlands 2-1.

0.02 shot saved, Quirolo attempt.

1.20 Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, Marlettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, from a distance, Italy – Netherlands 2-1.

2.17 Gooooooooooooooooooool, Avegnooooooo, signatures for Setterosa are finally unlocked, Italy and Holland 1-1.

3.00 Avegno attempts the shot, but Artes saves an unusual shot.

4.37 Giustiny’s attempt is not too convinced to save it.

5.30 Picozzi fails to reach the shot.

6.36 Koolhaas points, orange in the lead, Italy – Netherlands 0-1.

7.30 Sevenich sends the first pitch.

7.55′ starts the first quarter!

14.25 National Anthem in progress.

14.20 anthem in five minutes.

14.15 Setterosa comes from a semi-final defeat against the United States.

14.10 Women’s water polo Italy have been missing for seven years on the podium.

14.05 Good evening and welcome to the Bronze Challenge between Italy and Holland.

Good afternoon and welcome to the live text for Italy and Holland, the 2022 World Aqua Polo Championships, Setterosa challenges the Netherlands for the bronze medal.

Setterosa’s path to gold was cut short in the semi-finals against a very strong US national team that beat the Italians 14-6, winning practically every quarter of the match. Instead, the Netherlands comes from the defeat they suffered in the other semi-final against Hungary for 13-12. Italy wants the podium they lost 7 years ago, and the bronze is within Citerosa’s reach.

match: Italy and Holland
EventWomen’s World Water Polo Championship
Date: 02/07/2022
hours: 14.30
where is she see her: Ray Sport + HD

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Laura Teani (Plebiscito PD), Elisa Queirolo (Fiamme Oro/Plebiscito PD), Roberta Bianconi (Fiamme Oro/CSS Verona), Caterina Banchelli (RN Florentia), Chiara Tabani, Silvia Avegno, Giduitta Do Galardi, Sofiamitillaust, Rome Valeria Palmieri, Claudia Marletta and Julia Viacava (L’Equipe Orizonte) and Julia Emolo (Fiame Oro / L’Equipe Orizonte).

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Photo: La Presse.

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