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From Marta Serafini

After reaching a compromise on joining NATO, the sultan says he expects Stockholm alone to extradite at least 73 members of Turkey’s wanted independent minority.

There are already those who call it the expendable list. Names and titles published by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet and that belong to Kurdish preachers wanted by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in exchange for entering Sweden and Finland

in NATO. It starts with nouns – 12 from Finland and 33 from Sweden – and ends with acronyms. Blent Kenes, Levent Kenez and Hamza Yalın, Murat etiner, cyber security expert, university researcher Mehmet Feliz. Then there’s Sezgin Cirik, Osman Yagmur and Delil Acar, accused a few years ago of trying to set fire to the Turkish embassy in Helsinki.


In the list, reconstructed by the Globalist, there is also Musa Dogan, activist sentenced to life imprisonment in Turkey in 1993 For their participation in many events. In addition to Mehmet Demir, a former mayor of a city in southern Anatolia, he was forced to flee Turkey due to his Kurdish origins. and then Porco Sir, employee of an international association
For women’s rights. Journalists, educators and researchers fear returning to Turkey and being judged. Activists accused of belonging to Fet, the Fethullah Glen movement, a former ally of the Turkish president and today considered the main dissident and organizer of the 2016 coup attempt. O PKK affiliated companies
the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or, again, the Turkish Marxist-Leninist Party of TKP/ML-TIKKO.
Since the 1970s, Sweden and Finland have welcomed Kurds fleeing war zones
. Six Kurdish deputies were elected to the Swedish Parliament, one of whom was Amina Kakapavi. Born in 1970 in Rougelat, Iranian Kurdistan, she joined the Marxist-Leninist guerrilla movement Komala as a teenager.

At the age of 19 she sought asylum in Sweden: she graduated while remaining a domestic worker. Even entering Parliament with the Left Party.
He is one of the names that ten days ago the Turkish ambassador in Stockholm, My right is you, to Ankara’s appetite as prey. The name was later withdrawn and does not appear in a file Hurriyet List But this makes the idea. Turkish Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag He was very specific in stating that – After the agreement between Ankara, Helsinki and Stockholm Madrid Requests for the extradition of 17 members of the PKK and 16 members of the Fet network will be sent to Scandinavia again. But Hurriyet’s list includes multiple names. Also on the European Union’s Joint List of Terrorist Organizations Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) But neither the two Syrian Kurdish sister organizations Ypg (Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units) and Pyd (the Democratic Union Party) nor Fet or other acronyms exist. In all this, Turkey continues to take the last word on NATO expansion And hardly give up these names.


But the demands of the Turkish Ministry of Justice (33 names requested by Ankara) do not match the numbers reported by President Erdogan, who said that Expect 73 terrorists from Sweden. Statements that raise doubts about the effectiveness of the definitions of terrorism given in Turkey and Scandinavia can match. in this picture, Swedish Prime Minister Anderssonin trouble because it is accused of selling Kurdish rights to the altar of NATO, announced that Sweden will continue to follow national and international law.

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